12 Wooden Toys For Babies So You Can Skip Plastic In The Playroom!

Return To The Fundamentals With Wooden Kids Toys

From birth to 2 years old, children receive an especially rapid rate of physical and mental development and they’re distinctively prone to the lengthy-term impacts of ecological exposures.

If you are curating an accumulation of early childhood products with as couple of plastics and synthetics as you possibly can, wooden toys really are a wonderful investment. They’re sturdy enough to become handed down for generations and straightforward enough to inspire imaginative play-without all of the overwhelming lights and batteries of the plastic counterparts.

We’ve collected 12 in our favorite wooden toy brands. From mother-and-pop stores and family companies to independent artisans to large manufacturers, you will find sustainable toys for everyone of kids and all kinds of play.

Take a look at our help guide to nontoxic baby maintenance systems while you’re in internet marketing, so that your child could be encircled by only the good things.

1. Lovevery

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Lovevery’s The Block Set with 70 various kinds of wood blocks, cylinders, shapes, and much more.
  • Perfect For Comprehensive wooden block set
  • Produced In China
  • Cost Range $90
  • Age Groups 18-48 several weeks

For just one play set to rule all of them, take a look at Lovevery’s The Block Set. Seen among the very indepth block sets ever designed, your child can also enjoy wooden baby blocks, planks, shapes, and much more for approximately 20 different stage-based activities. Ideal for stacking, matching, and spatial learning, it’s an exciting-in-one set that’s designed to last. Each bit is ethically and sustainably created using FSC-certified wood, water-based paints, and recyclable packaging.


2. Manhattan Toy Company

Wooden Toys For Babies: Manhattan Toy Company’s Musical Small-Llama decorated with stippling dots, produced from sustainable wood, with a set of wooden mallets to experience.

  • Perfect For Wooden infant & musical toys
  • Produced In China, Vietnam, & Thailand
  • Cost Range $6-$208
  • Age Groups -60 several weeks

Among the earliest wooden toy manufacturers, a lot of us increased track of Manhattan Toy Company’s wooden Skwish rattle, which we still buy decades later for the own children. Developed in Minneapolis, MN after which attentively produced in Asia, the organization produces toys that inspire pleasure and creativeness, are secure for children of every age group even while infants, and employ sustainably sourced wood and water-based paints. Be truthful-you’re eyeing the intricate and unique designs, too.


3. Brio

  • Perfect For Wooden builder & trains
  • Produced In China & the Czech Republic
  • Cost Range $9.99-$249.99
  • Age Groups 9-60 several weeks

A vintage in a lot of households along with a staple in ours, Brio continues to be producing wooden toys because the 1800s and also the brand’s wooden toys have graced the floors of nurseries all over the world. The Swedish clients are still relatively small with 70 employees, nevertheless its products are available in greater than 20 countries. Make use of the website’s store locator to locate options in your area-wherever you’re!


4. Tegu

Wooden Toys For Babies: Tegu’s magnetic wooden foundations, this set fashioned just like a rocket ship or diving board with orange, blue, and barrier blocks.

  • Perfect For Wooden magnetic blocks
  • Produced In Honduras
  • Cost Range $15.99-$350
  • Age Groups 9 several weeks

Believing in the opportunity of play to inspire imaginations, Tegu produces a cutting-edge type of magnetic wooden blocks that evolve with children because they grow, by helping toddlers learn how to start stacking while older kids can take shape creative masterpieces. The organization intentionally manufacturers in Honduras, having to pay local employees a full time income wage, and sourcing from sustainable wood cooperatives. Tegu includes a 100 % satisfaction guarantee or a refund.


5. Areaware

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Areaware’s stacking balancing blocks in a number of colors, having a hands reaching them over.
  • Perfect For Wooden balancing blocks
  • Produced In Varies
  • Cost Range $10-$250
  • Age Groups 12 several weeks

A little gift and residential decor company located in New You are able to and Ohio, Areaware collaborates with independent designers on the royalty-basis helping bring their playful suggestions to the marketplace. From distinctively formed balancing blocks and spinning tops, to architectural city landscapes and colorful robots, kids will participate in their imagination beyond the playroom.


6. Petit Collage

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Petit Collage’s wooden puzzle of the lion having a colorful mane, encircled by two wild birds.
  • Perfect For Wooden pull toys & puzzles
  • Produced In China
  • Cost Range $12-$50
  • Age Groups -36 several weeks

Founded by Argentinian artist Lorena Siminovich, Petit Collage includes a robust type of wooden teethers and toys including puzzles, pull toys, and stacking sets for all those early years. Mixing FSC certified wood with vibrant primary colors (produced from vegetable inks!), this small California company prioritizes a contemporary aesthetic and rigorous sustainability standards in most its playthings.


7. Hape

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Hape’s push toy bike created using light and neon eco-friendly and forest eco-friendly wood.
  • Perfect For Wooden push toys & musical toys
  • Produced In China
  • Cost Range $9.99-$229.99
  • Age Groups -60 several weeks

One of the most broadly available brands about this list, Hape provides a type of sturdy wooden push toys and musical sets by which children can explore the planet around them. The organization also prioritizes charitable collaborations and it has donated greater than 10,000 toys to children in Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Syria. You are able to frequently find Hape toys at Target, Nordstrom, buybuy BABY, or via its stockists.


8. Plan Toys

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Plantoy’s kitchen tea serving occur grey and stone, including a tea kettle, two cups, along with a canister for sugar.
  • Perfect For Wooden vehicle & home sets
  • Produced In Thailand
  • Cost Range $6-$379
  • Age Groups -36 several weeks

In line with the concepts of sustainable play, Plan Toys are created from natural rubber trees without fertilizers (aptly named PlanWood), dried inside a chemical-free kiln, and put together with organic colors and dyes using non-chemicals glue. The ultimate method is a type of colorful wooden toys for everyone, inspiring creativeness, movement, and thoughtfulness.


9. Grimms

Wooden Toys For Babies: Grimm’s stacking toys in ombre colors you will find four stacks as a whole, one each in red, blue, crimson, and eco-friendly.

  • Perfect For Wooden stacking & nesting toys
  • Produced In Europe
  • Cost Range $10-$210
  • Age Groups -60 several weeks

Grimms is really a family-owned company that creates a type of soft, inviting, stacking wooden toys in vibrant colors and fun shapes. Located in the Swabian Alb mountain range, the organization collaborates having a couple of European manufacturers along with a special needs workshop in Germany, where all goods are sanded by hands to provide a distinctive soft finish, unlike machine-finished toys. Make use of the brand’s Store Locator to locate toys in your area.


10. Pinch Toys

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Pinch Toys’ wooden vehicles lounging on the sheet
  • Perfect For Wooden vehicles
  • Produced In Europe
  • Cost Range €9-€85
  • Age Groups 18 several weeks

Inspired by minimalist design and quality hand crafted construction, Pinch Toys is really a European small company having a beautiful assortment of natural wooden vehicles-many of which will most likely traverses actual cars do! With raw wood sustainably sourced from Croatia, soft curves, and straightforward pops of color, these vehicles add a little simplicity and elegance to the nursery.


11. Uncle Goose

  • Wooden Toys For Babies: Three of Uncle Goose’s alphabet blocks spelling out “fox” having a block printed having a fox image above it.
  • Perfect For Wooden alphabet blocks
  • Produced In USA
  • Cost Range $13-$225
  • Age Groups 2 years

Uncle Goose do you factor extremely well: foundations. The organization innovated around the simple cube design, adding incredible colors and illustrations to impress creative, imaginative play. All sets are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, MI, using local materials like renewable American basswood trees and nontoxic child-safe inks. Help toddlers learn how to spell using the alphabet sets or order some niche letters using their name!


12. Bitte

Wooden Toys For Babies: Bitte Shop’s wooden train set by Tender Leaf. The rails cover just like a spiral, having a red and gray train in it, along with a couple of rural toys within the spiral including trees, a moose, a bear, along with a home.

  • Perfect For Wooden train & nature sets
  • Produced In Varies
  • Cost Range $9-$250
  • Age Groups 12 several weeks

Bitte is really a one-stop look for wooden toys expertly curated with a mother-daughter duo with kiddos that belongs to them. They’ve scoured the little world of business to obtain the most sustainable and classy toys that the child (as well as your house) will like. A lot of our favorite brands here include Bajo’s wooden small-cars, Holztiger’s wooden creatures, and Tender Leaf’s wooden trains.