Will Joanna Gaines’s staghorn fern become the biggest houseplant trend of 2022?

Joanna Gaines enables you to setting home design trends – however she’s reshaping the biophilia industry too.

The Fixer Upper star lately unveiled the most recent edition to her Magnolia Market in Waco: a 26-year-old gigantic staghorn fern that traveled from Florida to her Texas store. This fern lies to reshape plant trends this 2022 – and could you embrace this aging plant trend? Here’s everything you should learn about Joanna Gaines’s natural statement piece.

‘Meet Earle. He’s a 26-year-old staghorn fern that traveled from Florida to his home at Magnolia,’ Joanna writes on her behalf account account Instagram. She then encourages her supporters to ‘stop using the Silos’ and admire the task of her team, who introduced the flower to existence within their store.

Since its initial on her behalf account account Instagram, the fern that Joanna named ‘Earle’ has selected up celebrity admiration from the kind of actress Came Barrymore who declared her desire to have Earle (and Joanna) within the comment. ‘I certainly have to meet Earle!’ Cinematographer Hilton Carter adds.

Plant expert and founding father of LÖV Flowers, Anna Eklöv, confirms Joanna’s staghorn fern is among the most in-demand plants when – and explains the simplest way to bring the consider your home.

‘Ferns are really a stabile favorite among houseplants, although you will find multiple fern plants available, the one that is extra popular at the moment may be the staghorn fern houseplant,’ she states.

‘There are plenty of species available, only one which we generally encounter in plant stores and garden centers is Platycerium bifurcatum.’


Within the video, Joanna Gaines feeds her staghorn fern a blueberry for further potassium. However, Anna provides more decorating ideas which will make certain your plant flourishes for many more a extended time.

For people who’ve focused on a smaller sized sized sized staghorn fern than Joanna, the florist recommends treatment of plant because of its pot and hanging it within your wall.

‘Since the staghorn fern has altered to develop on trees, it’ll likely thrive best when grown [in this way, she explains. ‘A mounted staghorn fern results in a beautiful wall decoration’ that appears stunning when mounted along a wall in your entryway or bathroom