White kitchen ideas – 5 beautiful and timeless white kitchen designs

The very best white-colored kitchen ideas simply never date – try not to think they are a dull option because, obviously, they offer a remarkably versatile backdrop that you should introduce an entire selection of decorative elements that can make your brand-new kitchen design individual for you.

So that as our white-colored kitchen design ideas below prove, they’re adaptable to the type of space, from dark rooms challenged by too little light, to vast extensions screaming for character.

There’s nothing cleaner or crisper than the usual pure white-colored kitchen whether that’s a higher gloss design or perhaps a traditional country one, it’s a glance that lasts, regardless of what the most recent craze is. If you are minimalist in mind and love clutter-free kitchen ideas then this is actually the search for you.

1. Change THE SHINE

Combine sheen levels to produce layers of great interest without diluting the wholesomeness of the crisp white-colored color scheme. Within this kitchen, glazed zellige-style tiles around the backsplash catch and refract the sunshine, supplying an engaged contrast against low-sheen colored cabinetry.

‘Glossy tiled kitchen backsplash ideas possess the additional functionality to be simple to maintain and appears fresh and hygienic,’ adds Stephanie Nix, kitchen designer at Neptune. ‘For worktops, you can choose a awesome polished marble for any sophisticated, contemporary feel.’ Additional shininess could be introduced via chrome or nickel taps, glass light pendants and polished steel appliances.

2. Allow It To Be MODERN

When decorating with white-colored, use similar tones for that worktops and cabinetry to supply a contemporary, modular look that’s particularly effective when pairing modern kitchen ideas with handless design.

‘Most homeowners appreciate the advantages of testing paint colors in location but, with whites, it is vital as they possibly can be altered beyond recognition by light and shadow,’ states Ben Hawkswell, senior designer at Roundhouse.

‘Here around the cabinets we used Hardwick White-colored by Farrow & Ball, that is a clean off-white-colored that may seem like a conventional gray in certain lights. However it has chalky undertones that, inside a sun-filled room such as this, appear much better and much more contemporary.’

3. Add METAL

A vibrant metallic trim brings a little glamor for this crisp white-colored kitchen owned by interior designer Alison Henry.

‘I wanted a kitchen area that will feel and look just like a glamorous space for entertaining visitors – the brushed nickel looks so pretty when illuminated during the night and lifts the matt white-colored finish around the stainless cabinets during the day,’ she states.

When mixing white-colored with metallic finishes in the kitchen area, avoid golden tones like brass or copper, which cast a yellowy tinge. Rather, follow Alison’s lead and go for brushed nickel, which shares white’s awesome undertones and boasts a stylish quality.


White-colored kitchen ideas continue being hugely favored, despite notions that they’ll be too clinical for any home atmosphere.

‘There are lots of methods to “warm up” the look, such as to think about the caliber of artificial kitchen lighting ideas within the room,’ states Richard Atkins, design director, DesignSpace London.

‘Cool white-colored Brought lighting may have a blue appearance when shone on the white-colored surface, which makes it appear cold and uninviting. We always recommend warm or neutral white-colored LEDs integrated around the cabinetry to enhance white-colored surfaces and make definition.’


Plain white-colored kitchen backsplash ideas brings interesting materials into sharp relief. The striking grain of natural elm wood about this island really stands proud from the crisp white-colored units behind.

‘White alone look an impression stark. Pairing wood with white-colored cabinetry brings warmth for this plan, alongside texture and depth,’ explains Pluck’s co-founder Leila Touwen.

‘The warm timber also accentuates the subtle undertones which exist in most whites.’ It’s worth focusing on how undertones work before investing in a white-colored kitchen. Awesome whites have hints of blue undertone, while warm whites convey more yellow. Make use of this apple to assist coordinate many other materials and colours in your mood board.