Where to spend, where to save on a new bathroom

Knowing where you can spend, where to reduce a brand new bathroom is usually a good idea, whether you’re installing a brand new bathroom on your own or revamping a tired suite looking for some TLC.

You probably know this, because of so many breath-taking bathroom suggestions to inspire, it’s very simple to get transported away. Even though you possess a healthy budget to experience with, it’s usually nice to create your precious pennies go so far as possible.

Follow our help guide to uncover when you should splash out and when you are able manage to be more frugal, without compromising your soon-to-be-beautiful new bathroom.

Where You Can SPEND, WHERE To Reduce A Brand New BATHROOM

A part of understanding how to create your bathroom just like a pro gets the budgeting perfect. In the end, learning where you can spend, where to reduce a brand new bathroom means that exist the fittings and finishes you would like in the right prices. The most budget-unconscious loves a saving, right? We requested professionals where you can make savings – where to invest on the new bathroom. This is exactly what they told us.


Taps and shower controls would be the primary touch points inside your bathroom. Should you skimp on quality, you’ll feel it, literally, any time you make use of the bathroom.

‘Low quality brassware can deteriorate remarkably rapidly within the steamy atmosphere of the bathroom. Any flaws within the finish are rapidly uncovered, and also the moving parts can seize up,’ explains Emma Joyce, brand manager, Riobel at House of Rohl.

Lengthy warranties are among the best warning signs of quality. Very well-made brassware with quality internal components is going to be included in warranties lasting 5 years or even more.

2. Where You Can SPEND: A Good BATH

If you are a ‘bath person’ and relish lengthy soaks, or are searching at master bathroom suggestions for a lavish remodel, the standard and luxury of the bath have a huge effect on the knowledge. Cheap acrylic can flex and simply mark well-reinforced 8mm Lucite is way superior. Even better, choose composite stone or enamelled cast-iron, that are both reassuringly rigid and lengthy lasting.

‘The bath lies in the centre of luxury bathrooms. It may influence the whole design and style from the room,’ adds Emma Joyce, brand manager, Victoria Albert Baths/House of Rohl. ‘We strongly encourage a “try before you purchase” attitude – never be afraid to go into and find out the way it feels. A shower must be comfortable and provide you with a decent degree of support. Search for ergonomic design details, like a chamfered edge or slightly elevated level, which offer the legs and back so that you can have a luxurious soak.’


If you’re thinking about bath ideas, concentrate on the excellence of the shower enclosure. There are plenty of moving parts and possibility of leaks inside a shower enclosure. Techniques could cause pricey repairs, not only to the restroom but additionally within the room below, which doesn’t bear considering. Glass thickness is a great indicator of overall quality-aim not less than 8mm.

‘Spending more about your shower enclosure can help to save over time. To produce a really luxurious showering space, consider high-finish features for example soft close hinges, designer handles, PVD brass components, stylish bracing supports and occasional iron, self-cleaning glass,’ adds David Osbourne


Good bathroom lighting ideas create a real impact on what could be a small space. Even though you are able to certainly get attractive and cost-effective bathroom light fittings, it’s worth investing a bit more on the layered lighting plan on multiple circuits.

‘A cleverly-lit bathroom turns a practical space into one you need to spend some time and relax in,’ states Sian Parsons, design affiliate at John Cullen Lighting. ‘When the overall lighting will get switched off, adding another lower degree of lighting will turn the standard into something. This might include lights recessed in to the wall at low-level, floor washers that skim the ground get a soft light or give a warm straight line glow of sunshine underneath the vanity to produce a gentle health spa like effect.


If you’re shopping modern bathroom ideas, you may be enticed by tech. Sure, there’s some very pricey tech targeted at the restroom, like waterproof TVs and shower-toilets with drying and odor-obliterating features. However, because of the magic of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there’s also some bargain methods to bring a far more luxurious dimension for your bathing experience.

‘Installing and taking advantage of products with integrated Bluetooth loudspeakers within the bathroom – like showerheads and mirrors – is a terrific way to seamlessly incorporate audio inside your space with no clutter of separate loudspeakers,’ concurs Jason Keller, Kohler Smart Home Lead.

Choose battery-based products to swerve installation costs making retro-fitting tech simpler. Also take a look at Wi-Fi connected smart bulbs and LEDs for that bathroom (try Philips Hue), which let you control the colour, levels, and hang lighting schedules out of your phone or device.