When to plant tomatoes – for a bumper crop

Are you currently wondering when you should plant tomato plants? Tomato plants really are a flavorsome summer time staple you can use in a lot of recipes. Only a couple of healthy plants can yield a great way to obtain tomato plants, plus they may be grown vertically if you don’t take up considerable amounts of room, therefore it is really worth growing them yourself.

When homegrown, tomato plants may have a much better flavour when compared with store-bought tomato plants, plus growing your personal offers the opportunity to test out a variety of different varieties.

Whether you are thinking about growing tomato plants within the green house or outdoors, this informative guide will show you when you should plant tomato plants from seed in addition to when you should plant them outdoors and there’s advice from gardening experts, too.

When You Should PLANT Tomato plants

Just like knowing when you should plant vegetables generally, whenever you plant tomato plants is essential to make sure your crop is really a success. Tomato plants are the sunshine plants which require lots of sun to thrive and grow best at temperatures between 70 and 75°F (21 and 24°C).

Seeds would be best sown under cover in March and April ready for harvesting from This summer to September. Sowing occasions will be different with respect to the number of tomato you decide to grow, so make certain to do as instructed around the seed packet.

When You Should PLANT Tomato plants FROM SEED

When you should plant tomato plants from seed will be different based on your climate, growing zone and, more particularly, the believed date from the last frost in your town. It will likewise rely on whether you want to develop these questions green house or outdoors.

Regardless of whether you intend to grow tomato plants inside a green house or outdoors, sowing the seeds under cover is suggested because they germinate around 64°F (18°C) to 77°F (25°C).

If you’re planning to transplant your tomato plants outdoors, then ‘tomatoes could be sown inside 6 to 8 days before the local last frost date,’ states Annie Singer, gardening expert and blogger at Gardening Abundance. Within an unheated green house normally, this is between late March and early April.

Sow thinly in trays full of seed sowing compost, cover gently with compost and water. Keep your seeds inside a sunny place around 65°F (18ºC) – ideally inside a propagator or engrossed in a plastic bag – and also the seeds should germinate in around eight to ten days. If you’re searching to develop only a couple of plants, then sow individually in small containers.

When the tomato seedlings allow us two ‘true’ leaves they must be pricked out and repotted into 3½in (9cm) containers to be able to grown on prior to being transplanted outdoors.

When sowing tomato seeds under cover transplanting outdoors, ‘don’t start too soon,’ warns gardening blogger Mary Jane Duford, noted for her step-by-step gardening tutorials. ‘Leggy, root-bound, or flowering transplants may cause stunting and lower early production.’