When to plant fennel – your questions answered

Know when you should plant fennel and you may have a continuous crop of the scrumptious plant to prepare with – or being an architectural accessory for your borders.

Both a plant and vegetable, it’s a little sensitive with regards to getting its roots disturbed, so you will have to know precisely how you can grow fennel to achieve success with this particular versatile crop.

When you should plant fennel? Rapid response is in spring, when the last frost has transpired – but there are lots of more questions – which our experts clarify below.


You are able to plant fennel through summer time to August – you need to simply make sure that, if you wish to eat it, the harvest date is going to be prior to the first frosts.

HOW Lengthy Prior To The FENNEL Could Be HARVESTED?

Should you sow fennel from seed, be prepared to harvest between 90 and 100 days later. ‘To grow fennel bulbs takes three several weeks from sowing before the plant is able to harvest, with respect to the variety,’ states Melanie Griffiths, editor of Period Living and gardening expert. When growing fennel like a plant, you may also start to harvest the foliage within around 3 several weeks from sowing.’


If you value to consume fennel regularly, it’s worthwhile to learn that you could plant fennel regularly to savor succession harvesting. ‘Succession sow every couple of days until late summer time for any continual way to obtain fennel,’ advises Melanie Griffiths.

Can One PLANT FENNEL In The Winter Months?

You are able to plant fennel in the winter months if you reside in among the warmer zones fennel is really a tender plant, so responsive to cold temperature, if your winters are warm, it helps it to be with the chillier seasons.

When You Should PLANT FENNEL The Coming Year?

Fennel is really a perennial, therefore it will die in fall, the re-grow again in spring. ‘The plant fennel is really a short-resided perennial, so is every year,’ states Period Living editor and garden expert Melanie Griffiths. ‘However, the plants is only going to last 3 to 4 years before you have to replace them.’

After 3 years, watch the game of established fennel and when your plants show no indications of coming back, plant new fennel again that spring.

Exactly Why Is THERE FENNEL Which I HAVEN’T Grown Within My BORDERS?

Fennel will self-seed, so it may seem ‘plants’ itself inside your borders without your participation! ‘Fennel seeds will happily scatter themselves so far as the wind – or wild birds – will carry them, to question why it seems whenever you haven’t grown it. Or possibly last year’s fennel plants have self-seeded elsewhere on your lawn?’ suggests Homes & Gardens Editor in Chief Lucy Searle. ‘If you wouldn’t want these to keep appearing out of control, you will have to take away the flower heads, once they have died back, or seed heads, and get rid of them carefully.’