When to plant cucumber seeds – for a bumper harvest

It’s vital that you know when you should plant cucumber seeds to maximise your odds of success.

Finding out how to grow cucumbers is definitely an achievable goal for probably the most unskilled gardener, because the vegetation is relatively hassle free. They’re also a beautiful crop, using their sneaking vines and vibrant yellow flowers.

Plus, knowing how you can grow cucumbers vertically, they may be highly space-efficient, causing them to be an important accessory for your kitchen area garden ideas.


Just like knowing when you should plant vegetables generally, whenever you plant cucumber seeds is determined by whether they’ll be grown inside or outdoors.

To find the best possibility of germination, you need to plant cucumber seeds inside – either positioned alongside a sunny window, or perhaps in a green house.

‘Expensive seeds for example cucumbers would be best sown inside because germination is much more effective inside a protected atmosphere,’ states growing expert Lucy Chamberlain.

Cucumber seeds may take a few days to germinate, so that you can start them off just a little sooner than many salad crops.

Normally, this is March or April, but is often as early as Feb inside a heated green house.

‘As cucumbers need sufficient time under the sun to ripen, sow the seeds at the begining of spring to actually have good-size plants – say, 4 inches (10cm) approximately tall – when the frosts are gone plus they will go outdoors,’ states Aaron Bertelsen author of Grow Fruit and veggies in Containers.

To reduce the risk of seed rot, it’s smart to position them in the periphery from the pot, and lay them on their own side. They must be grown about 50 % one inch deep. Keep your soil moist, although not over wet.

Before planting your cucumber seedlings, it’s better to harden them off inside a sheltered area for a few days, so that they will deal with the modification of weather.

‘Cucumbers will require daily watering when the fruits begin to develop – in the end, they’re 96 percent water – along with a dose of liquid feed every 10 days approximately,’ states Bertelsen.

Make certain you are aware how to prune cucumber plants to maximise fruit production because they grow.


If you want to plant your cucumber seeds directly outdoors, then you will have to start them off after if grown inside.

Sow the seeds between late spring and early summer time – roughly May to June, based on the local climate.

Position these questions sunny place that’s sheltered from strong winds, and plant them in single rows around 35 inches apart.

If you want to coach the plants onto trellis or canes, it is best to insert these now. There are lots of wonderful vegetable garden trellis suggestions to explore.

Alternatively, permit the cucumber vines to sprawl over the ground because they grow.

It’s wise to check out choices for cucumber companion planting, to discourage unwanted pests and improve flavor.

WHEN Is The Greatest Time For You To PLANT CUCUMBER SEEDS?

Spring is the greatest time for you to plant cucumber seeds, but there’s versatility in this particular period of time, and you might like to try succession planting to make sure a stable summer time supply.

‘I have them sinking cover in March or April, potting them on when needed before planting them in May (after hardening them off for a few days),’ states Mark Diacono, expert grower and author of River Cottage Guide: Veg Patch.

‘If you sow in April you may expect a great harvest from August onwards, although you could consider using a March and could sowing too if you’re particularly keen to maximise your odds of a lengthy and high haul.’

Could It Be Far Too Late TO PLANT CUCUMBERS?

Based on the local climate, June or This summer may be the latest possible date you are able to plant cucumbers to ensure that them so that you can yield any fruit.

When grown in warmer weather, the plants will establish a lot more rapidly than when grown early in the year.

August will probably be far too late to plant cucumber seeds, though you might be still capable of finding youthful plants in the nursery that you could grow on in your own home.


Cucumber seeds require two days to germinate, and around 12 days to create fruit.

Harvest your cucumbers when they’re youthful and tender to find the best flavor.