When to lay turf – for a lush, healthy lawn

Knowing when you should lay turf is essential if you wish to grow a proper lawn that establishes rapidly.

Nothing lifts a yard like lush, thick grass, therefore if a brand new lawn tops a garden wish-list, then lounging turf may be the quickest method to do it.

Alternatively, select from the very best fast-growing grass seed to develop your lawn on your own. As when lounging turf, you must understand when you should plant grass seed permanently results.

Before replacing a current lawn with new turf, however, try to understand went wrong using the old lawn. ‘You have to make certain that you simply keep your lovely fresh turf well, so you mustn’t slip back to improper habits,’ states David Hedges Gower, chairman from the Lawn Association.

There are many reasons that you might need new turf, however the four primary ones are insufficient maintenance, poor soil, shade, or drainage issues. Many of these could be remedied with higher lawn care.’

Make time to investigate the best local turf suppliers and get their advice for that optimum grass mix for the garden.

‘Ensure that you simply inquire about soil if you’re altering ground levels. It’s also easy to use different turf for various areas – for instance, for those who have a shady place,’ adds Hedges Gower.

To take full advantage of your freshly laid turf, finish it with stylish lawn edging ideas and take care of it with among the best ride-on lawnmowers.

When You Should LAY TURF

Technically, you’ll be able to lay turf anytime of the year – but for the greatest from your new lawn, you need to keep close track of the elements forecast.

‘When you lay turf, you would like the roots so that you can grow and get ready easily. The very best conditions with this are mild weather and moisture,’ states Jeremy Yamaguchi, Chief executive officer of Lawn Love.

The only real time you have to absolutely avoid lounging turf is during snow, frost and periods of heavy rain.

However, it’s not only about deciding when you should lay turf – you need to consider the way the lawn will deal with the elements within the days in the future.

‘You have to prepare carefully for that necessary maintenance, so keep close track of the periodic conditions and, where possible, utilise the rain fall and awesome conditions nature supplies us with,’ states Hedges Gower.

WHEN Is The Greatest Time For You To LAY TURF?

‘Generally, early fall and spring are the most useful time for you to lay turf since the weather conditions are mild, there’s lots of moisture, and also the ground won’t freeze or dry rapidly,’ states Yamaguchi.

Warm-season grasses, for example Bermuda grass and zoysia grass, could be laid effectively either in season, although awesome-season grasses, for example tall fescue and ryegrass, may fare slightly better within the fall.

If you wish to be sure that your garden is prepared for hosting summer time BBQs and lazy picnics around the lawn, then spring may be the latest you need to lay turf. ‘Laying it only at that season implies that your turf is going to be well-established and able to enjoy through the summer time several weeks,’ states Rodney Riley, manager of internet Turf.

‘However, as turf is fairly robust there’s no excuse to help keep putting them back until another season.’

IS WINTER A Great Time To Put TURF?

When thinking about when you should lay turf, winter may appear such as the worst possible time, but that’s not always the situation.

‘Believe it or otherwise, winter is really a perfectly great time to put turf,’ states Riley. ‘It will require much more time to root within the cooler, less sunny season, but provide time and you’ll have an attractive new lawn.’

However, you are able to only lay turf in the winter months when there’s no frost or snow on the floor. ‘This may be the only time when turf won’t be able to root in – and odds are your supplier is going to be battling to reap it in the hard ground too.’

While it is advisable to lay turf as quickly as possible once it has been delivered, winter conditions will help you to store it for a couple of days. Even though the turf must be unrolled, to let it breathe.

‘If there’s no rain forecast, provide a watering once laid, but only at that season the elements must take proper care of the majority of the watering needs,’ adds Riley.

Can One LAY TURF IN Warm Weather?

You are able to lay turf in warm weather, but it’ll require more aftercare than when laid in other seasons. A heatwave or drought can be particularly problematic.

‘It is essential to put the turf as quickly as possible, on the day that that it’s delivered within the summer time – request an earlier delivery which means you have the time to put it,’ states Riley.

If you’re not able to put the turf until the following day, then solve the rolls of turf and water them when they look dry.

During warm weather, turf may lose a number of its color, but when it’s laid and watered it ought to soon turn eco-friendly again.

‘Make sure you water the turf well each night for that initial few days having a hose or sprinkler – passing on a great soaking. After this, water more from time to time whenever needed,’ states Riley.