When to drip faucets – and the biggest mistakes to avoid

Knowing exactly when you should drip faucets is way from common understanding. However, as temperatures still fringe on freezing on sides from the Atlantic, it is a question that requires answering.

Are you able to pull off waiting another week – or are the taps threatened by at this time? Here, individuals knowledgable share exactly when you should drip faucets – and the most typical dripping mistake you need to avoid along the way. These bathroom ideas could save your valuable taps this year.

When You Should DRIP FAUCETS – The Questions You Have, Clarified

‘Frozen pipes be a real threat at 20 levels F (-6.6 Celcius) or lower,’ explains Mike Romano, a plumber in an Ottawa Plumbing and Drain Cleaners. During these temperatures, Mike explains that you ought to drip your faucet if it’s linked to a pipe.

Once the temperature falls below freezing, along with a supply of water is uncovered to those freezing temperatures, water can freeze within the pipe. At these times, water within the pipe expands. Without anywhere to visit, your pipe can expand and break,’ he shares.

He adds he also recommends dripping your faucets only at that season – especially when they’re on the exterior walls of the house. ‘It can also be smart to open your cabinet doorways to assist circulate heated air close to the pipes,’ Enoch adds.


You might now know when you should drip faucets, however the tricky part continues to be in the future. Enoch warns that lots of people frequently forget to drip both cold and hot water with the faucet – departing your pipes unprotected in the finish from the process.

‘This could be trickier with single-handle faucets like many drain faucets. It is important, though. If water is not flowing most likely through the new or even the cold, then you definitely will not have freeze protection for individuals pipes,’ he states.

After designing your bathroom, the plumber adds that you ought to keep in mind to ‘make certain any toilets around the outdoors wall are flushed on the frequent basis’ for the similar reason.