When is the best time to dethatch your lawn?

Thick thatch can impact the development from the grass on your lawn, but you may be asking when is the greatest time for you to dethatch a lawn to enhance its health.

Thatch happens in every lawn along with a thin layer from the dead turf material forms included in the natural growth process. If it is under one-half inch (1.27cm) thorough, it’s advantageous towards the lawn’s health. However a layer that’s thick isn’t great for the grass and requires attention in the right moment within the gardening calendar.

Here, we glance at when you dethatch a lawn to help keep the grass incorporated inside your backyard landscaping ideas healthy and verdant.

WHEN Is The Greatest Time For You To DETHATCH A LAWN?

The optimum time to dethatch a lawn happens when it’s positively growing. The soil ought to be moderately moist. Generally, it’s better to have mowed a few occasions before dethatching.

Awesome season grasses have to be dethatched at the begining of spring or early fall. Note, though, the grass should be growing for the second option as it must re-establish before frost season.

Warm season grasses ought to be dethatched at the end of spring through early summer time.

Remember that while fundamental essentials timings, it isn’t always the situation that you’ll want to dethatch your lawn every year. Ryegrass, for instance, may only have to be dethatched at greater than annual times. Warm season grasses like Zoysia or Bermuda, meanwhile, produce thatch faster and could need dethatching more frequently.

Never disregard the condition from the lawn. ‘If the lawn is dormant or stressed, this really is certainly and not the proper time to dethatch as it can certainly cause permanent damage,’ states Lucy Searle, global editor in chief of Homes & Gardens.

Supplying another the weather is satisfied and also the grass is going to be positively growing after dethatching, the job should generally be carried out round the finish of March or start of April. You can alternatively dethatch for the finish of the summer season – round the finish of September.

Things To CHECK TO DETHATCH A LAWN In The Proper Time

While it’s vital that you comprehend the guidelines on when you should dethatch grass, it is best to look into the layer of thatch prior to going ahead.

‘A thin layer of thatch belongs to a proper lawn, maintaining your soil moist and insulating against extreme temperatures,’ states Lucy Searle. ‘It’s only if thatch accumulates to ensure that air and moisture can’t achieve the soil and also the roots from the grass it turns into a problem.’

To determine the depth from the layer of thatch, make use of a trowel or spade to find out a tiny bit of both grass and soil in the lawn.

Thatch layer more than one-half inch (1.27cm) thorough? Then it’s here we are at dethatching.


Dethatching could hurt your lawn should you not obtain the timing right. Dethatching ought to always be done once the grass keeps growing, so never get it done when it’s dormant if you prefer a lawn that grows eco-friendly and thick. Note additionally that the depth from the layer of thatch is vital. When the layer of thatch is thicker than one-half inch (1.27cm), and also the the weather is also right, dethatching can market your lawn’s health.


Dethatching and aerating can both help to keep a lawn healthy, however they achieve this diversely. Dethatching must be transported out once the layer of thatch becomes too thick. A lawn that requires dethatching will feel totally bouncy, but it’s better to dig lower and take away a little portion of grass and soil so that you can appraise the thatch layer before deciding to go forward.

A lawn needs aerating, however, once the soil is becoming compacted. You might find thin or bare patches within the lawn, or even the grass might be growing poorly. Gardening expert and author Monty Don recommends doing this in September. ‘Even in case your lawn originates through this summer time untouched, it is usually smart to aerate it at the moment of the year,’ he states on his site.