What will the kitchen look like in a post-pandemic world? These are the kitchen designs of the future

Using the pandemic impacting every component of our way of life, the way you use our homes has changed by having an emphasis being put on hygiene, safety and comfort.

It’s understandable the pandemic has already established an enormous impact on every aspect in our lives, including the way we use our homes, what exactly will your kitchen seem like once we settle into ‘the new normal’?

Many facets of kitchen design – and kitchen trends – could be influenced by the occasions of 2020, from how long we spend within this space, to how it’s used by us and also the accessories we decide for this.

Daniel Bowler, Director for Eggersmann, spoken to Homes & Gardens about how exactly Covid-19 has influenced your kitchen for the future, from hygiene and waste management to multi-functioning spaces.


A clear and germ-free kitchen to prepare happens to be important, obviously, however with an emphasis on hands washing and a lot of us selecting to wipe lower the grocery shop following a delivery because the pandemic first hit, features for example easy-to-clean surfaces, touch-free technology and pull-out spray taps will require on extra importance now.


A competent process for sorting recycling and food waste is essential in the current kitchen. Getting a bin near to the preparing food area is an integral part from the working triangular to allow vegetable peelings to become rapidly removed away.


Industrial-style kitchens were already a large trend before 2020, using the pandemic highlighting the necessity to have a more professional method of its design.

Commercial kitchens could re-open for business relatively rapidly publish-lockdown because good hygiene systems were already in position for example, which are increasingly being emulated in your own home too.

We’ll check this out in using appliances too, with increased when it comes to tech that will normally be utilised by professional chefs, as increasing numbers of people become at ease with our very own cooking abilities.


We’re all spending much more time in your own home together, cooking, dining, working, learning and relaxing and a number of these activities now occur in the kitchen area, or open-plan kitchen/living space.

Zoning has become more and more important, with space to operate, rest and play all considered. You will see spaces focused on working at home, much more of a focus on sanctuary along with a push towards privacy too.