What to plant in March – the best veg and flowers to plant

You’re spoilt for choice with regards to things to plant in March. Using the first whiffs of spring coming, the gardening routine will progressively gather pace as flowers and plants start to burst into existence.

There’s much to become done because the days get longer and also you start focusing on the summer season and summer time several weeks ahead, including lots of seeds to sow.

Consider what you would like to plant where in your garden ideas and start to create a vision of methods your garden will appear.


If you reside in a cooler zone you might have to postpone on sowing seeds in your kitchen garden ideas until later within the month, although can begin some off under cover. Gardeners in warmer regions, however, could possibly get busy sowing directly within the soil.

‘There are lots of suggestions for things to plant in March, which is ripe with great gardening possibilities. I usually expect for this month as it’s time I recieve to sow a number of the best vegetables, fruits and salads,’ states Mr Mitford, who manages your kitchen garden at Hawkstone Hall.

Now is a superb time for you to start planting awesome weather vegetables that may withstand the final couple of frosty days.


Springtime is the perfect time for you to plant awesome season crops for example peas, as the temperatures are still awesome.

‘Dig a large trench 1.5″ (4 cm) deep and plant 2 rows, 6″ (15 cm) apart, seeds spaced 2″ (5cm) apart, then cover and wait,’ states Mr Mitford.

Plant rows every two days to stagger popping, and supply supports for that plants to ascend.

Professionals at Costa Farms agree, counseling to plant peas in wide rows rather of single file. ‘You will receive a bigger crop per sq . inch should you scatter seed inside a six to ten inch wide band,’ they explain.

Knowing how you can grow peas you’ll be rewarded using the taste thought of eating these freshly selected delights right out the pod.

2. Tomato plants

Start tomato plants off inside a heated glasshouse, or make use of a sunny windowsill, after which plant them out once all threat of frost has transpired. ‘If you reside in a frost-free region you are able to plant tomato plants outdoors in March,’ repeat the Costa Farm experts.

‘Sowing at the begining of spring can lead to a tastier summer time crop and when given lots of light and heat, they’ll pay back you tenfold,’ states Mr Mitford.

Growing tomato plants in your own home is straightforward and you’ll have a healthy crop from only a couple of plants.

3. The city SPROUTS

The city sprouts need a little forward planning because this slow-growing crop can require 35 days to anticipate to harvest, so might be certainly one for that listing of things to plant in March, particularly if you want an earlier crop to increase dishes and salads in fall.

The city sprouts need awesome weather. ‘The ideal weather conditions are the “fog belt” from the Off-shore Northwest, but they’ll grow in about any area of the country,’ repeat the experts at Bonnie Plants.

‘They mature very best in awesome as well as gently frosty weather,’ they add.

‘Sow sprout seeds in cold frames or under fleece. Grow inside a separate seed bed from the vegetable garden and transplant them whenever space can be obtained,’ states Mr Mitford.