Wet room ideas – 5 stunning wet room bathroom designs for your home

Wet room ideas open the chance for contemporary creative design, with no need to squeeze inside a shower enclosure or elevated shower tray.

A wet room could be a real luxury in your own home, even if your space you need to use is restricted. Try thinking like colorful floor-to-ceiling tiles, built-in seating and sleek, hidden pipework.

A real wet room with no panels gives you more room to maneuver, as well as an open-layout is simpler to help keep clean than the usual regular shower.

However, wet rooms really are a big project to defend myself against with regards to bathroom ideas. The tanking tactic to be sure that your room is totally water tight could be a significant upheaval, as well as pricey, too.

Wet rooms have grown to be an more and more popular option for shower-enthusiasts since they’re the right solution for small bathrooms when it’s not necessary the area for a shower tub along with a separate shower.

The important thing web site shower along with a wet room is always that while both might have shower screens, wet rooms are totally open spaces with no stand-in tray you’ll normally enter a baby shower. The ground reaches one level and water is permitted to circulate freely to some drain.

A wet room can offer a spacious showering area and also the high-finish appearance of a lavish health spa hotel since the look is commonly very streamlined. Wet rooms will also be level entry, so readily available to any or all, as well as hygienic and simple to wash. Succeeded, a wet room is amazingly desirable and may improve your home’s value, too.

There are a variety of points to consider when preparing a wet room or walk-in shower – from appropriate flooring to drainage points – to be able to achieve the greatest results.

1. Make Sure The SPACE You Want To Me Is FULLY TANKED

It’s understandable that the wet room must be waterproof. Fortunately builders are much savvier on how to achieve fully tanked spaces nowadays and wet room tanking systems and merchandise can easily be bought.

‘In particular, hidden tray systems, which fit underneath the flooring and take proper care of drainage gradients and watertightness have demonstrated a genuine game-changer,’ states Nicholas Cunild, MD of luxury shower brand Matki. ‘Low-level shower trays that suit flush using the tiles will also be popular and may help define the bath inside a bigger room. Wet room installation isn’t for newbies, it’s important to locate a tanking specialist or builder with verifiable experience.’


‘It’s vital that you take extra steps in relation to heat, ventilation and drying than you’d inside a regular bathroom,’ continues Nicholas Cunild. ‘You might be fortunate enough to reside in a hot climate which naturally provides a warmer bathroom. But if you reside in a cooler climate and also you exit a wet room onto carpeted rooms – add kids, dogs and all sorts of rest – it’s a recipe for waterlogged, untidy floors everywhere.

‘A screen can help contain major puddles, but underfloor heating and heated towel rails may also accelerate the drying process which help prevent slip hazards. Mechanical ventilation is essential and can help obvious steam rapidly – search for models with intelligent humidity sensors that instantly boost when needed.’ You may also pair this having a beautiful, easy-to-wash bathroom rug idea.


Tiling from floor-to-ceiling is sensible but could feel cold and uninviting in bulk. Nicholas highlights the significance of exploiting other available choices.

‘We’ve noted a boost in polished plaster – both traditional Tadelakt and much more modern Microcement – in wet room designs and also the answers are stunning,’ he states.

Developed in layers, the conclusion is waterproof and seamless, so there isn’t any grubby grout to tackle.

4. Select The Best SANITARYWARE

‘If you’re embracing the entire wet room inside a large bathroom look and omitting any kind of enclosure or screen, it’s important consider the selection of sanitaryware, because it is likely that it’ll get wet in the spray from the shower or even the condensation within the room,’ advises Rebecca Milnes, designer at Clubpenguin Hart.

‘Opt for ceramics which are flush towards the wall and therefore are ideally wall-mounted. A wall-hung toilet is a great choice inside a wet room, because there are no areas for water to pool also it makes cleaning simpler.’

Though your bathroom that’s been tanked doesn’t always require a shower panel, you might want to add someone to prevent towels or toilet rolls being wet. Choose a fluted or frosted finish to keep an amount of privacy in case your wet room forms area of the primary bathroom.

‘In order to produce a true wet room, a water tight atmosphere should be produced by tanking both floor and walls from the room to completely safeguard it from leaks. First a water tight membrane is laid, then your room will have to be tiled throughout having a gentle gradient within the primary a baby shower area therefore the water flows away easily in to the waste.’

5. Choose The Best SIZE SANITARYWARE To Boost A Feeling OF SPACE

It’s vital that you choose sanitaryware that’s slightly smaller sized compared to average in dimensions in order that it could make the area look bigger. A wall-hung toilet having a hidden cistern, isn’t just simpler to help keep clean, but seeing the ground provides the illusion of the bigger room. Wall-hung bathroom vanity ideas may also help reduce visual clutter and employ the restroom space better.