Water feature ideas – 5 ways to add water to any backyard

Adding water fountain suggestions to a garden design will help you to boost towards the physical experience with your backyard, altering the atmosphere and feeling, or getting existence and movement to the tiniest outside space.

A fountain or cascade could be energizing and make drama, as the still, reflective the surface of a pond, or gentle flow water inside a rill or stream, can offer a meditative and soothing experience.

Water fountains provide the chance to include a fascinating variety of marine and marginal plants while increasing the bio-diversity for wildlife.

Water fountain ideas may also behave as a main focus around which other backyard ideas, planting schemes and style features emanate.

Water Fountain IDEAS

‘Water feature ideas must work aesthetically and also have purpose within all of your garden design. It normally won’t have to be complex, and often the easiest designs brings probably the most impact,’ explains John Wyer, Chief executive officer of garden design company Bowles & Wyer.

Before adding a water fountain for your garden, consider what it’s about one which you like. There are lots of pond ideas that can produce a therapeutic focus.

‘Is it the seem of moving water? A still lake reflecting heaven and bouncing light round the garden? Possibly a mysterious inky blue pool set right into a shady corner? Everything differs for every person,’ explains award-winning landscape and garden designer Helen Elks-Cruz FSGD.

Whether you’ll need a quiet and calm watery element, the gentle tinkling seem of falling water, or perhaps a dramatic flow, will influence the form from the water fountain. Before adding a water fountain for your garden, consider what it’s about one which you like.

Below, we provide you with the most popular water fountain ideas – and several vital advice.

1. Use A Elevated POND AS A Focus

Among the primary roles water feature ideas inside a backyard – whether a sizable space or perhaps a compact courtyard – is to produce a focus. Elevated ponds such as the one above are frequently placed centrally inside a courtyard or in the finish of the road to draw the attention.

In either case, it may be the beginning point that all of your garden design emanates.


Rills are shallow channels along which water flows lightly in one place to another. In Islamic gardens, rills were central features running across the primary axis from the garden, frequently culminating inside a fountain or pond.

‘Rills delivers an excellent mixture of seem and movement to some space, which improves the contemplative and restful atmosphere from the garden,’ explains garden designer and landscaper Peter Readers.

‘In this the perception of the 4 Seasons show garden, the rill was built using honey colored Cotswold stone, that is a perfect foil for the water and also the plants. The naturalistic, aromatic planting style improves the physical, restful space.’

Rills could be built a variety of materials, and can be employed in both courtyard or bigger gardens, one of several physical garden ideas that may fill an outside space with seem and movement.

‘Consider carefully where you can site a rill for the greatest from this. The key water, hardscape and planting is really a winning combination, so trimming the look back one rill could be just like effective,’ explains Peter.


A swimming pool can produce a strong focus inside a garden and could be formal or even more natural in design.

Formal pools frequently look better positioned near to a home. ‘This semi-formal pool inside a walled garden is really a lovely visual focus for that garden, enticing you out of trouble in to the space in the house,’ explains Peter Readers.

‘Consider the positioning of the pool carefully, particularly with regards to just how much sun it could receive, or where leaves might drop straight into it, along with the views to and across it,’ Peter adds.

Consider also whether it may be placed in order that it delivers lovely glare of surrounding planting or even the sky on its surface.

‘It is essential to keep in mind the practicalities of keeping a swimming pool healthy and engaging. Pools live biomes where various factors should be were able to prevent problems for example blanket weed algae creating problems. Take advice from somebody that understands natural processes water management,’ states Peter.


Garden fountains are dynamic water fountain ideas that bring both seem and also the visual impact of moving water to some garden.

They are available in an array of options, from the gentle trickle water to some more dramatic, gushing flow.

‘The seem water contributes greatly towards the atmosphere it makes,’ explains Helen Elks-Cruz.

The calculations for pumps and filtration on bigger or even more detailed garden fountains may need the participation of the water engineer.

‘You will require an energy supply for those who have a pump and therefore are developing a flow water. Pumps could be noisy and filtration units could be large with respect to the size water feature, so location must be considered carefully,’ explains Rosemary oil Coldstream.

Fountains work nicely in ponds, but because an over-all advice the pond ought to be a minimum of two times as wide because the height from the water jet to prevent water waste or surrounding surfaces being wet.

Alternatively, self-contained fountains require little if any excavation work and generally don’t need to be installed with a specialist. ‘Self-contained fountains have to be sited on an amount footing, like a patio, staying away from grass or undulating ground and work nicely in courtyard gardens, ‘ explains Nicola Clements of Haddonstone.

‘It’s best to try and avoid positioning your fountain under trees or tall shrubs as fallen leaves, branches and garden debris may cause algae build-up, injury to fish or clog the pump,’ Nicola adds.


Among the most effective introducing water for your outside family room ideas is by using a water bowl or dish. Any shallow container works, but choose one that will be cleaned easily as they possibly can become eco-friendly with algae.

‘Small physiques water warm up rapidly, if you shouldn’t spend some time constantly washing the water, it is important to consider where it’s positioned when it comes to sunlight,’ states Helen Elks-Cruz.

Add marine plants to help with keeping water naturally neat and also encourage wildlife.

Stone bowls, metal dishes, weathered steel dishes, recycled containers and various objects could be switched into water fountains. Select one that’s consistent with design for your home and garden.

Where possible, when topping in the water, use collected rainwater or plain tap water which has was for any couple of days to permit a few of the chemicals to evaporate.

‘If you’re utilizing a still water fountain, consider positioning it near trees to be able to see fantastic glare on the calm day,’ states John Wyer.