Utility room shelving ideas – ways to arrange in style

With regards to utility room shelving ideas, it’s key to have it right – very first time. Whether it’s open and wall hung or within cabinetry, it must fit an entire selection of products, ensure they are simple to access and, to help keep the area great looking in addition to organized, look great.

This is where these utility room suggestions for shelving are available in. They are choices to inspire your personal room design, so that you can save individuals that fit the package you’re likely to retain in there, which complement design for room you want.


Made-for-you shelving in the cabinet is useful due to the individuality of the items we each decide to store inside a utility room. Create a list before you decide to consult designer or cabinet-maker and share what utility room storage you would like and amount of products you need to set aside. By doing this, shelves could possibly be the correct height to prevent wasted space, but equally to skip the issue of high piles of linens which make products difficult to extract and may leave them creased.

‘Bespoke cabinetry with lots of shelving is essential because it offers the perfect spot to store towels, jars, cleaners, and other things which you may not need on show,’ states interior designer Emma Sim cards-Hilditch of Sim cards Hilditch.


Shelving is the perfect solution for any utility room having a sloping ceiling, transforming wall areas that won’t take cabinetry into storage. When searching at small utility room ideas, consider shelves having a lip which will provide extra to safeguard breakable products for example glass jars into which laundry powders and fluids are decanted.

This shelving is colored to complement the cabinetry, supplying contrast using the wooden counter below. Interior designer Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co recommends these components like a seem option for a software application room: ‘Wooden worktops are not only seen less expensive than stone, but they’re also advisable, because there’s much less washing of dishes inside a utility room. Inside a kitchen there’s more wet traffic and for that reason using a wooden countertop is impractical.’


Pick shelving that comes with hooks to improve their storage capacity without producing a cluttered feel. Hung over a utility room sink, a design such as this will give you space to clean brushes and much more together with making room for cloths and cleaners in the shops.

This wirework shelving from Garden Buying and selling comes with an antique brass finish which will introduce a conventional note to some utility room. Team it with faucets within the same warming metal shade.


Utility rooms are often an area by which flowers selected fresh in the garden in season together with shop-bought selections are arranged. If that’s the situation, shelving over the sink could make the job convenient in addition to presenting a stylish display towards the room.

‘This striking room is built to maintain peace and order inside a busy household of 5,’ states Richard Moore, Design Director, Martin Moore. ‘The lengthy shelf over the sink provides space for vases, because the sink can be used for flower organizing. Exactly the same paint colour was utilized throughout to make the area really pop. Warm limestone flooring and wooden accents give a counterbalance.’


Shelving might need to be set up high on your wall to create space for other desirable utility room solutions. Within this room by House of Jade Interiors the shelving is bound over a bar which creates space for hanging laundry within the sink.

Follow this room’s example if you are fitting high shelving by storing products in baskets with handles. These permit the employment from the whole depth from the shelving in times where reaching things behind could be hard without. The handles make each basket simple to lift lower to an amount in which the contents can be located and lifted out, too.