Using banana peels as fertilizer – to improve your plants’ health

Using blueberry peels as fertilizer may appear unconventional, however this expert-approved garden idea will improve your plant’s health (and it is sustainable too).

After Joanna Gaines famously given her staghorn fern blueberry peel to improve the plant’s potassium level, we’ve got thinking. Is applying blueberry peels as fertilizer the solution to plant problems? Here, professionals explain all that you should know.


Blueberry peel is wealthy in minerals and vitamins, including potassium, which is among the three important nourishment plants have to remain healthy. Based on the experts, you will find four primary uses of your blueberry peels within the garden, together with a water trick and a procedure for chopped peels.

1. Blueberry PEEL WATER

The co-founding father of, Erinn Witz, suggests creating blueberry water in the peel. This water is the best cottage garden concept that can give your blooms a lift.

Slice the peels to around ½inch to at least one inch in dimensions, pack them right into a clean, empty glass jar and fill with water,’ Erinn states. She explains that you ought to permit the jar to sit down inside a moderately sunny place for roughly 24 hrs – after which water will turn brown (because the nutrients leak out).

After that you can use blueberry peel water to water your plants before disbursing the peel pieces in to the compost.

‘I such as this strategy since you can get two uses from your peels: mineral-wealthy water and eco-friendly material for that compost,’ Erinn states.

2. Blueberry PEEL For That COMPOST

Using blueberry peels as fertilizer could be harder during the cold months, but Erinn includes a solution which will keep the compost healthy in front of the warmer seasons. You are able to introduce blueberry peel to your winter garden ideas by chopping the peels into one-inch pieces and adding them to your compost for spring. Based on Erinn, ‘the more, the greater.’

3. BURYING Blueberry PEELS Within The GARDEN

A different way to bring blueberry peels in to the garden is as simple as burying them into the soil. ‘This is an efficient method of getting nutrients in to the soil, even though you do not have space for any composter,’ Erinn explains.

However, before tinkering with this method, the expert warns the hidden peel may attract squirrels and chipmunks who might be able to smell the produce underneath the ground.

4. Blueberry PEEL On The BACKBOARD

Nikita, the founding father of Mitcityfarm, also shares her country garden ideas, adding that you could support blueberry peels within the garden having a backboard.

‘Put an entire blueberry peel between your plant and also the backboard or tree trunk it’s supported on if you are cultivating a staghorn, elkhorn, orchid, or similar plant,’ Nikita instructs. Once the blueberry peel is positioned within this specific position, with the ability to progressively degrade and release nutrients because the plant is watered or rains.

As Joanna’s large staghorn is 26 years of age, we predict this to become especially helpful within the Magnolia store.