Underbed storage ideas – 11 easy ways to max out wasted bedroom space

Getting layers of additional clothing and lots of thick woollens to hands is essential within the chilly winter several weeks. But finding space to keep bulky out-of-season products can generate problems when spring appears. If insufficient closet space is a problem, have you considered an alternative choice and consider utilizing underbed storage ideas rather?

The ‘dead’ space underneath a bed is definitely an area that frequently will get ignored, that make it a magnet for dust bunnies, odd socks and crumpled-up tissues. But when space is tight or storage is missing in a tiny bed room or guest room, then utilizing the underbed area is a straightforward method of gaining extra stowing space.

Storing clothing, bedding or out-of-season products within bed means that they’re near by and convenient should you have to access these questions hurry – unlike products kept in an attic room – and they’re from sight, which enables your more decor-friendly bed room suggestions to shine.


Whether built-in or perhaps an off-the-peg buy, the main advantage of underbed storage is it is stashed in the garage, so, unlike other bed room storage ideas, won’t encroach on space on the floor or modify the appearance from the bed room. An additional advantage is the fact that through the use of the region in the garage, it ought to free-up much-needed closet space and garments storage ideas that may be offer better use for stashing other essentials.


To achieve maximum underbed space for storage, a bed that comes with built-kept in storage is a great choice because it uses the whole underbed area, unlike roll-out drawers which are unlikely to become a precise fit – so if you’re browsing new bed ideas, think purpose-designed storage beds.

Choose from drawers running the entire entire bed, drawers at one finish, or half-and-half drawers that factor-wide at the very top finish from the bed for bedside tables.

Match the divan base with headboard upholstery for any chic, color co-ordinated look. Drawers with integrated handles look and also fit flush towards the bed to provide a seamless finish when drawers are closed.

‘Underbed storage is mandatory inside your bed room, no wasted space here!’ states Patricia Gibbons, around the Design Team at Sofa.com.

‘There are two kinds of beds which will help you remain organized and your floor clutter-free. For everyday access, divan styles would be best because the drawers are often available for daily needs, if your needs are suitable for periodic change-overs of clothing, or duvets and blankets, then an ottoman bed may be the choice for you. The hidden storage uncovered is vast and may hold numerous teams of bedding and suitcases, however, you wouldn’t wish to be lifting up and lower on too regular the groundwork.’


For products that its not necessary use of on a daily basis, consider an ottoman-style storage bed. Having a hollow base and bed mattress based on slats, it offers one large area underneath the bed to keep things in, unlike drawer-divans where space is separated into smaller sized compartments.

For simple-lifting, ottoman beds are operated by gas-lift hydraulics, using the bed mattress lifting up either in the finish in order to one for reds. Ottoman beds lift upwards to spread out, so don’t require any other room space to support them. However they aren’t as simple to spread out as regular drawers, so could be more appropriate to periodic storage instead of for everyday products.

‘Storage beds offer all of the aesthetic and visual characteristics of the standard bed however with the additional advantage of storage,’ states Adam Black, Co-Founder, Button & Sprung. ‘This enables homeowners to produce a stylish, on-trend bed room plan without compromising on functionality.’

‘If storage is pivotal, choose a divan more than a classic bedframe, it will help you to increase the in the garage space for storage available if you don’t take up any extra space on the floor that is particularly important in small bedrooms. Drawer storage seamlessly blends inside the divan base to securely store away any bed room essentials.’

‘Alternatively, go for an ottoman bed – this enables for immediate storage using a mechanical lifting system. Well suited for bigger, bulkier products, storage is situated within the bottom of your bed instead of split up into individual compartments or drawers.’

3. Go For Quick Access ROLL-OUT DRAWERS

If purchasing a new bed isn’t a choice, a less-pricey option to consider is really a trusty underbed drawer you can use by having an existing bedframe. Made from wood or mdf with castors within the base, underbed drawers will slide in to the gap underneath the bedframe and could be bought individually or like a set.

Before choosing underbed drawers, do compare well first which means you know just how much space can be obtained width and lengthwise – and the number of drawers you are able to easily fit in. It’s necessary to appraise the height from the underbed space too, some beds are lower down, so a typical depth of drawer may be excessive to suit underneath. Check first and go for extra-shallow drawers if this sounds like the situation.


Standard bed height is commonly around 24 inches in the floor – this is actually the distance of frame/bed mattress towards the floor. However with antique beds and cast-iron bedsteads, your bed height is frequently greater, calculating between 18-36 inches high.

An advantage of the greater bedframe is it gives extra room for underbed storage. While roll-out drawers are a choice, if there’s no valance and also the underbed area will probably be on show, a far more decorative design might look more visually appealing. A set of vintage-style trunks complement a colored metal bedstead superbly and provide lots of stowing space for bulky blankets and eiderdowns.


The area beneath the bed could be a magnet for dust so choose drawers and containers with covers if you’re able to so the contents don’t get dusty too. Woven baskets and drawers produced from natural materials, for example wicker, rattan or seagrass will also be worth thinking about with regards to underbed storage. Natural fibers tend to be more breathable than man-made materials along with a woven structure provides better ventilation that will permit air to flow so clothing or bedding stored inside does not get moist or musty.


In case your bedframe is gloomier down than the usual standard-height bed, then make sure the peak of underbed drawers before choosing to make sure that they’ll fit beneath the bedframe and slide out and in easily.

Extra shallow drawers are a choice when the space underneath the bed is an especially tight fit. Or an alternative choice to rigid drawers, consider storage having a more flexible construction, for example canvas or cork, that are squashier to deal with same goes with fit easier beneath the frame.


When searching for closet organization ideas, you are able to free-up valuable space at the end by storing out-of-season footwear and boots in the garage rather. The shallow space helps make the perfect place for shoe storage and can still keep products within easy achieve if needed in a rush.

Keep shoe storage super-organized by choosing underbed storage ideas with individual sections or compartments so that you can store pairs together instead of getting them rattling around loose. See-through covers are a good selection too, helping you to locate your preferred pair easier.

8. TAKE UNDERBED STORAGE Lower An Amount FOR Children

Too little toy storage ideas is frequently a problem in children’s rooms, additionally to locating space for garments and bedding. Small bed room storage ideas for example underbed storage is a superb method of utilizing wasted space, while supplying low-level storage also causes it to be simpler for kids to gain access to – and hopefully tidy away after themselves.

‘When you are looking at compact children’s bedrooms or homes with no dedicated playroom, it’s vital that you be clever with regards to storage,’ states Alex Tolofson, Director and Co-Founder at Nöa & Nani. ‘A cabin bed is a superb choice for individuals who’re low on space, allowing the region underneath to become helpful space to keep games and toys. We suggest adding some high shelving to ensure that books can be simply arrived at for bed time tales.’


Utilize underbed space in nurseries and children’s rooms by choosing a trundle bed instead of a normal divan. The handy roll-out trundle can be used whether giant storage drawer for toys or bedding or could be known as into play like a sleepover solution by popping inside a bed mattress. Some bed designs combine both bed mattress space and drawer storage to make use of the region fully.


Space could be tight in shared bedrooms, so cleverly designed underbed storage solutions really are a brilliant method of maximizing what space there’s. With children’s bunkbeds, try using the space underneath having a row of built-kept in storage drawers.

Hidden castors underneath drawers will assist them run easily, while cut-out handles look and also streamlined than drawer pulls. One color throughout may also help walls and woodwork merge making a small space feel bigger.


Bulky bedding and out-of-season clothes may take up a lot of space, even if stored taken care of beneath a bed. Vacuum-storage bags provide a space-saving solution, suctioning excess air from storage bags and reducing them in dimensions so they are less cumbersome to locate space for. Getting bags sealed also protects the contents from dust, moisture and moth damage.

‘Make certain whenever you pack away your periodic clothing and bedding, they’re not only packed, they’re protected too, states Wendy Miranda, Customer Ambassador at Lakeland. ‘Vacuum totes stow away products into a small fraction of the initial space. Once filled, just seal the interior bag, vacuum the air, then zip in the outer bag to help keep the contents clean, protected and free from dirt, moisture and dust.’