Under stairs pantry ideas – dream larder cupboards to sit beneath a staircase

Under stairs kitchen ideas could be a lot of things from cloakroom to broom cupboard to chaotic drop zone. However, using the interest in a properly-stocked kitchen increasing, this is an excellent candidate to have an accessible super market. Allow the jackets to visit hang some other place.

We have put together a range of under stairs kitchen ideas and inspiration to increase your listing of kitchen ideas top help enable you to get began in your design


When the staircase is placed from the primary hub from the kitchen, consider ways to use the space to your benefit. Here, a passionate breakfast bar idea and drinks station from the primary cooking zone enables visitors and kids to securely help themselves. And there’s still lots of space for further kitchen storage ideas too.

2. Place In PULL-OUTS

Pull-out larder units create a brilliantly accessible solution within an open plan kitchen layout. Designer Lisa Robazza produced this clever run of kitchen units for any client getting into a smaller sized home.

‘The staircase is frequently the focus within an open plan room therefore it is essential that whatever you do here looks good. The unit are fronted with smart paneled doorways always employ a great bespoke joiner to obtain that precise easily fit in this kind of odd-formed space,’ advises Lisa.

3. Make Use Of The HEIGHT

Based on which way your stairs run, you might find that you’re facing in to the void in the kitchen.

For functionality, it’s smart to retain accessibility lower portion in the side however the tallest portion can offer surprisingly generous kitchen storage. Make use of the full height, adding a library ladder to achieve top of the shelves.

4. STORE YOUR Collection Of Wine

Based on what you need to store, you might go ahead and take kitchen solution one step further having a specialist project like a wine room.

Fitted by helping cover their tailor-made racks and glass doorways to provide control button over humidity and temperature, ambient lighting can increase the impressive vista.

5. STEP Up

This open-plan apartment by Simon Whitehead Architects includes a central staircase supplying kitchen storage towards the kitchen supported by a media center facing the adjoining family room. Your kitchen and cabinetry is as simple as Roundhouse and features a moveable island causeing this to be an adaptable space for entertaining.