U-shaped kitchen ideas – this ultra-practical design works like a dream

U-formed kitchens are among the optimum kitchen layouts – efficiently using all of the area surrounding a room’s edge while making certain quick access to any or all cabinetry.

If you’re searching for U-formed kitchen ideas then you need come right place. The flexibility of those classic kitchen layouts mean they are effective regardless of what the dimensions, form of type of your kitchen.


We’ve put together probably the most inspiring U-formed kitchen ideas, so that you can decide if this sounds like the very best shape for you personally.


In compact kitchens, innovative kitchen storage ideas, for example pull-out racks and magic corners, take full advantage of every centimetre of space. Narrow-depth cabinets solve the issue of limited manoeuvrability, supplying that bit of room to maneuver.

If you’re still within the starting stage, design a kitchen area with handleless doorways, such as the one above, so you aren’t always catching against handles while working.

2. PAINT Inside A NEUTRAL Color Scheme

U-formed kitchens can be employed in large spaces, but small kitchens can usually benefit from a U-formed design – make certain you have a minimum of two metres of moving-around space between your opposite banks of units.

Go for pale colors on cabinets and worksurfaces that reflect light to create your kitchen area appear bigger.

Neutral kitchen palettes and reflective finishes boost the sense of space, just like clutter-free worktops.

3. Ensure That It Stays MINIMAL

This impressive, all-white-colored kitchen has the feel of a U-formed kitchen, while incorporating a stroll-through while watching higher level units across the back wall. Essentially this design includes a tropical and something wall of floor-to-ceiling units.

By selecting white-colored for cabinetry, ceilings and walls, the limitations between surfaces blur, giving the sense of the compact U-formed design that progressively reveals while you move about.


If you’re searching for small kitchen layout ideas, a U-formed design is really worth thinking about. Based on your home, it might be simple to add a table and chairs in the opposite finish from the U shape.

Be bold in a tiny space, with dark-wood kitchen units and bare white-colored walls – and think about matching tabletop and worktops for any tailored look. If you’re able to pare back cupboards towards the minimum, you might find you’ve convenience of a table and chairs.

This smart kitchen includes a look its own and demonstrates a really individual method of kitchen design, making the area feel fresh and special.


Lighting, especially natural daylight, likewise helps create an airy atmosphere. If your kitchen has limited use of sun light, consider installing lots of lighting fixtures.

Cleverly planned kitchen lighting ideas brings your home from the shadows. ‘Often, lighting could possibly be the last factor considered in kitchen design,’ states Andrew Hall, md of Woodstock Furniture. ‘However, for any kitchen to appear its best and performance well, the area should be lit correctly.

‘With U-formed kitchens, make sure you give due shown to both task and ambient lighting,’ advises Neil Partridge, design director of NGI Design.

A number of ceiling lights and wall hung lamps help much to boost the U-shape within this kitchen.