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Tripsitter is definitely an academic resource studying the responsible and safe consumption of psychedelics.

Like having a tripsitter watch more than your encounter, our target is always to provide direction and help in preparation to your psychedelic trip.

We think no chemical is fundamentally excellent or awful – they are just substances, all-natural or unnatural, which one can find in the world. It is our partnership together and how we communicate with them that could be sometimes excellent or poor.

Psychedelics have a lot to supply with regards to mental and physical health – but only when employed responsibly and with the correct incorporation. Our objective is always to supply trusted, effectively-researched information to help you our visitors recognize how these materials operate and how to make use of them safely for the purpose of personalized development and growth.

The later Timothy Leary said it greatest

Psychedelic prescription drugs result in freak out and short-term insanity in people who have not undertaken them.

Our objective is to supply the resources essential to demystify these elements and offer our followers the desired equipment to work with them properly.

Be a part of us while we discover the wonderful world of psychoactive substances and just how they could be used to facilitate optimal health, self-progress, productiveness, plus more.

Who Are We?

Our possibly-increasing team of psychonauts, technological experts, healthcare professionals, and philosophers happen to be making an effort to put together the Tripsitter task.

Jointly, we have more than a thousands of hours of combined psychedelic practical experience, we’ve go through a huge selection of school posts, and spent hours and hours talking about vision and human being wellness.

Editorial Crew

Justin Cooke (Editor-In-Key), Adrienne Koziol, Susana De Los Santos


Apr Taylor, Cedric Jackson, Dan Simms, Katrina Lubiano, Natalia Sarmiento, Phil Dubley, Sam Eskenazi

Editorial Dependability

Tripsitter is focused on making content material that meets the highest standards of fairness, transparency and accuracy and credibility. Our goal is toeducate and entertain, and inform our followers.

We get our info from peer-reviewed educational research, real-existence experience, and also by speaking to topic-matter experts.

Although validated facts require no attribution, we establish types of less-than-naturally informative details in the majority of scenarios.

We welcome problems about faults that merit modification, along with suggestions for further more clarification.

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Although we’re robust proponents of the use of psychedelics with regard to well being, individual development, and development – in no way does Tripsitter or perhaps the Tripsitter content material staff condone, nor agree of the use of illegal materials.

Our site functions as a way to obtain information regarding the usage of psychoactive substances for healing along with a means for hurt-decline in individuals who objective to take part in psychedelics. We urge you to understand and abide by your local laws, however.

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Any size of the contribution is graciously recognized. These resources consider a great deal of effort and time to make.

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