Trend alert: dining tables in 2022 are bold and colorful

It’s official: bold platforms take presctiption trend for 2022. The increasing recognition of open-plan living means the dining area – once we once understood it – is becoming somewhat unnecessary. However, because the pandemic, most are choosing damaged-plan layouts, presenting clever methods to create multipurpose zones inside a living area. Which has brought towards the rise of our favorite interior planning trends for that year ahead.

Back-to-back many years of neutrals has brought a lot of us to go for spirit-lifting shades throughout our homes, creating an inside aesthetic that actually talks to us. It’s really no question that, when looking for dining area ideas, most are seeking styles which are full of color and personality.

And thus, we would have liked to focus on a lot of our favorite happy platforms to assist sprinkle some question over your dining experience.


When thinking about a colourful dining room table, wood stains are a good choice to give a warm and complicated pop of color – a perfect solution for individuals that aren’t prepared to for bold decisions.

‘Opting for any stained finish means the grain on the table can have through, so that you can possess the wealthy color yet still be in a position to understand the natural splendor from the wood top,’ advises Henry Tadros, Director, L.Ercolani.

With regards to styling, Henry recommends: ‘Use complementary hues out on another allow it to get too noisy to guarantee the table remains the focus from the room.’

The Plank table, $1897.75/£1,440, L.Ercolani, can be obtained in many shades in the firms Modern Tones Assortment of stains that, as Henry describes, ‘Subtly reinvent the brands heritage through Modernist color.’ He adds, ‘The new palette harmoniously complements the standard construction and natural materials we are recognized for, while breathing new existence into my great grandfather Lucian Ercolani’s classics.’

2. Go For DESIGNS Which Use Unpredicted HUES

We observed instant curiosity about colorful tables following the discharge of the Bell coffee and side tables by Sebastian Herkner that have been launched by ClassiCon this year.’ states Daniel Aram, Md, Aram.

This increase in interest in color adopted a time period of recognition of mid-century design, where wood and materials in natural colors dominated. ‘The elevated interest in more color most likely reflected a wish to maneuver away a little in the more mainstream natural finishes which have a tendency to dominate. The recognition from the periodic tables saw the development of a dining room table with a glass base in various colour options,’ explains Daniel.

The LC6 table, $4492.67/£3,409, Le Corbusier, Jeanneret & Perriand for Cassina at Aram, is a superb method of mixing mid-century style having a contemporary injection of color. There are lots of types of designers who’ve accepted this movement, as Daniel illustrates, ‘Today, we have seen this curiosity about colorful platforms continue new releases like the Smalto table in colored enamel by Barber Osgerby for Knoll, the Pli in colorful metal by Victoria Wilmotte for ClassiCon, the Liquefy colored glass table by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia and also the NVL lacquered table by Jean Nouvel for MDF Italia.’

When requested how you can style the LC6 table, Daniel suggests, ‘The glass top highlights the architectural base rather of hiding it, unlike most platforms. In open plan areas this hint of colour is frequently complemented with a sofa, lighting or any other pieces in similar or tonal colors.’


This season, we had the launch of these two Color table, from $1105.71/£839, Muller Van Severen for Hay. Provided with an oblong or circular top, this dining room table is really a simplistic design offered in a variety of punchy and contrasting shades.

Mix this table along with other bold hues to have an all-out, vivid plan or include it with more pared-back shades, as Rolf Hay, Co-Founding father of HAY, suggests, ‘One from the strengths of the table is the fact that despite it being so colorful, it’s very versatile: You are able to blend it with equally colorful chairs, but you may also go another way and mix more neutrally colored chairs. Both options have a different impact on the feel of the combined setting.’

The 2 Color table would be a collaborative process between Hay and style-duo, Muller Van Severen, who’re ‘known for his or her bold colour choices – a primary reason why we’re fans of the work,’ adds Rolf.

When requested about approaching plans for vivid design, Rolf shares: ‘We will work on the new project with Muller Van Severen that is simply as colorful – planned to become launched at the end of summer time of 202


‘We have a tendency to avoid trends as a result but after 2 yrs of pandemic existence, I believe individuals are craving cheerful, lively elements at home – and colorful platforms are ideal for doing exactly that.’ states Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, Co-founder, The Invisible Collection

The Luco dining room table, $14,565.27/£11,052, by Studioparisien in the Invisible Collection, using its chunky base and curved oblong top, would are the ideal focus inside a dining space. It’s has a extremely colorful lacquer finish which makes it feel totally of-the-moment.

Isabelle states that the colorful dining room table is the best anchor to have an interior, ‘bringing an individual touch towards the décor and setting a dark tone for that wider plan from the room. I particularly love how, because the heart of the tablescape, it may really define how you dress your table for a cocktail party – an attractive centrepiece to entertain visitors.’

‘For me, an uplifting colorful dining room table is better combined with more neutral accessories (plates, placemats and napkins) or else enriched with maximalist details (colour matched towards the table), for any true statement,’ she adds.


Jennifer Newman, Furniture Designer and founding father of Jennifer Newman Studio, describes her act as ‘bold, adaptable designs that will get noticed’ which Trestle table, from $3498.98/£2,655, by Jennifer Newman isn’t any exception, using its chunky legs powdered coated within an eye-catching vibrant blue finish.

‘We’ve seen customers being braver with dining room table color during the last couple of years – a knock on effect from lockdown with lots of us searching for better, statement colors to brighten the house with in order to keep optimism levels up.’ explains Jennifer.

When speaking on how to introduce color to your house, Jennifer advises, ‘It doesn’t need to be throughout color, if you feel it may be too overpowering – search for designs, for example our Trestle table, which have colorful legs or pedestals which will introduce a slice of colour which will behave as a highlight towards the surrounding seating.’