Trees with red berries – our favorite berry trees for color and interest

Trees with red berries will give you curiosity about winter and fall, adding happy color when the remainder of nature is winding lower. However, some varieties will prove to add a highlight within the summer time, and lots of have beautiful flowers early in the year, too.

You will find trees with red berries to match every garden setting, and the best choice will prove to add periodic impact for your backyard ideas.

‘Trees with red berries are decorative and provide visual interest, especially throughout the winter several weeks,’ states Pete Cruz, urban forestry program manager at Arbor Day Foundation. ‘Many from the berries may also be collected for consumption and supply valuable food for wildlife.’


They are the most popular trees with red berries. Several varieties could be grown as evergreen hedges, causing them to be the best trees for privacy and screening inside a backyard.

When selecting trees with red berries to fit your garden, you have to only plant species which will thrive in your town. Knowing your USDA plant hardiness zone is important, and happily you will find choices for nearly every climate.

You should also be sure that your selected tree works with your soil type, the amount of sunlight it’ll receive, and just how much maintenance you’ll be able to provide.

Check its maximum size and rate of growth to make sure it will not outgrow your yard, and learn to plant a tree properly.

Finally, consider whether you’ll need a tree with edible red berries, or are just worried about its ornamental value.

‘As a longtime forager and permaculture gardener, my personal favorite trees with red berries have the ability to edible or medicinal fruit,’ states Susannah Shmurak, founding father of the blog.

Many berries are full of vitamins and antioxidants, and could be converted to from jellies to alcohol based drinks. Before eating any berries, however, you’ve got to be clear on the range, as many are poisonous or require cooking before consuming.