Selecting between modern and traditional furniture to brighten your home or office could be a tough choice. Many people are naturally attracted to 1 style or another, quite a few us like facets of both. Mixing modern and traditional styles can be challenging, so frequently people choose to stick to one style. How do we choose backward and forward opposing design types?

Traditional furniture is renowned for being large, wooden, and dark with detailing and curves, whereas modern furnishings are vibrant, light, and getting simple, straight edges. You will find advantages to each kind of furniture, both visually and practically. There’s a couple of aspects you need to consider prior to you making the ultimate choice between modern and traditional furniture.


Because traditional furnishings are bigger and bulkier than contemporary furniture, it frequently fits very best in bigger spaces. It’s more visual weight and can produce a smaller sized space appear crowded. If you are searching to brighten a little lobby or perhaps a condo, traditional furniture could make the area appear too busy and abnormal. Modern furniture, using its thin lines, is ideal for smaller sized spaces while still supplying style and comfort.

For instance, consider dining room chairs. Traditional dining room chairs have high backs, deep seats, and thick wooden legs. They’ll need a bigger dining room table having a similar aesthetic. Modern dining room chairs, for example sohoConcept’s Hazal or Hazal Metal, are comfy, thin, and fit nicely having a dining room table associated with a size for any small space.

That being stated, if done correctly, traditional furniture can fit in a tiny space. You need to choose pieces cautiously and possibly use less pieces than you can along with other furniture types.


Traditional products have the additional advantage of not losing sight of style. Traditional furniture is called such since it is timeless and try to relevant. This will make it appropriate for rooms that you might not need to redecorate or refresh frequently – rooms much like your sitting area or perhaps a bed room can frequently fully trust traditional furniture because these are rooms that you might redecorate least frequently.

Modern furniture, yet still be timeless and lengthy-lasting, can occasionally want more upkeep and could be more appropriate for living spaces and kitchens – rooms that will get more use that you might want to update more often.


Modern furnishings are very functional. Easily-expanding tables, hidden storage, and stacking or nesting features a few of the facets of modern furniture making it functional for each day use over traditional furniture. For those who have an active household, a sizable family, or just need efficient and space-saving furniture, a modern day style might be good for you.

SohoConcept offers a number of functional modern furniture, for example our Alfa Nesting Tables, Malta Bookcase with Drawers, Milano Extendable Table, and much more.

Contemporary furnishings are frequently obtainable in more materials too, which makes them stronger and simpler to wash in case your household or clients are vulnerable to accidents or plays host to numerous children.


Despite the fact that traditional furnishings are frequently bigger and much more bulky, it is almost always contemporary furniture which makes the greatest statement. With vibrant colours, shiny metallic bases, and straight edges, a bit of contemporary furniture can frequently behave as an announcement in almost any room. If this sounds like the kind of fashion and modernity that you simply enjoy, then contemporary furniture may meet your needs exactly. Traditional furnishings are frequently more muted and could not result in the same fashion statement.

Prepared to Decorate Your House?

Whether you are searching for traditional or modern furniture for your house, sohoConcept might help. Our company specializes in contemporary furniture for that office and home, and can provide statement pieces to match a conventional atmosphere.

The most crucial factor to keep in mind when selecting between traditional or modern furnishings are your individual taste. Don’t be concerned about trends or styles and select the pieces that you want to produce a cohesive design.

To learn more and to understand more about selecting furniture for the house or office, contact sohoConcept! We will help you choose modern furniture and discover pieces that suit with any kind of design.