Traditional decorating ideas – 10 inspiring, timeless interiors

Traditional decor has timeless charm and luxury at its heart, which makes it a well known choice with regards to interior style. Not even close to being drab or dated, traditional interiors are easy-to-live-in, homely spaces that can stand the ages.

Taking inspiration from design history, and focused on quality instead of trends, the design and style is certain to bring classic elegance every year.

If you’re searching to brighten inside a traditional style, consider embracing nature for inspiration and embracing plants and creatures prints and natural paints, in addition to purchasing antique or top quality furnishings.

Below, we provide you with a feast of traditional decor and inspirational interior planning advice in the experts.


Using trailing wallpaper within this small hallway highlights the architectural features, offering a feeling of theater balanced through the symmetrical arrangement.

‘Combining ancient refinement with contemporary pieces leads to traditional schemes with timeless appeal,’ comments H&G’s decorating editor Emma Thomas.


If you’re searching for traditional family room ideas that do not involve a whole update, one method to create that’s by developing a vignette. Here, sculptural pieces with classical forms alllow for a watch-catching display within an otherwise forgotten corner.

‘This vignette helps guide you well a muted plan and merely a couple of simple pieces could work to produce interesting traditional decor ideas,’ states H&G’s Editor in Chief Lucy Searle. ‘It’s possible you have all of the products you’ll need in your own home to produce a similar display.’


Imbued using the long lasting great thing about nature, floral prints will make sure an ageless feel. ‘From pretty and romantic to classic or contemporary, floral designs vary around the blooms themselves, but have the ability to an evocative charm,’ states Daniel Slowik, affiliate design director, Sibyl Colefax & John fowler.

‘Traditional florals imbue an area having a country-house feel, that have an connected romantic appeal. Balance all of them with simply styled furnishings to avoid the appearance from becoming overpowering.

‘For example, a bold print on walls or as curtains might be offset by antique colored furniture therefore the room maintains a relaxed air, or key colors within the pattern could be selected out and coupled with other products within the room to produce a harmonious, purchased feel.’


Timeless and thus simple to coordinate with, decorating with stripes is a great option for upholstery and draperies in traditional interiors. It could be a French ticking linen, ideal for country homes, or chic wide-stripe cotton such as this Devon Stripe above from Ian Mankin, ideal for Georgian-style qualities, there is a striped fabric to match every type of property.


For anybody searching for traditional dining area ideas, this can be a laid-back approach that’s interesting to interact with, too.

‘The statement table improves the scale and grandeur of the dining space and it is echoed through the tall obelisk artwork,’ states interiors stylist Alyce Taylor. ‘Mismatched classic furniture suggests a far more relaxed, contemporary approach, along with the pendant light cluster – a superbly modern undertake a chandelier.’


Layering up fabrics in stylised plants and creatures prints is guaranteed to create a room feel timeless and stylish the answer is within mixing a number of complementary designs in various scales and colors, as Saffron Hare, creative director of material house James Hare, explains.

‘Choosing an array of fabrics that repeat certain colors but vary in scale is a great starting point,’ she states. ‘We find layering these around an area is a straightforward method to decorate so we attempt to be affected by it is within our decorative books.

‘In each collection we always include one key design that’s multi-coloured, because it enables the decorator to visit off everywhere. Then we have fabrics we call “color carriers”, that have three colors, like the Knot Garden, which allows you to move between colours to consider a plan inside a certain direction.

‘Then we always include “color enforcers”, like the new Gardyne, a screen-printed design that is a semi plain,’ she explains. ‘We always include lots of neutrals, too. For individuals which are more difficult with pattern, plains can invariably be lifted with the addition of decorative trims.’


Grounding and timeless, the colours of nature create a great foundation for developing a traditional plan. ‘Natural colors are frequently those that we’re feeling preferred with using in your home because they are similar to the tranquillity from the outdoors,’ states Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene paints.

‘We’ve seen almost ten years of gray, so individuals are now beginning to consider individuals warmer tones. This isn’t in regards to a go back to magnolia or beige, they are natural tones for any timeless interior. As we’re making an effort in your own home, it’s more essential than ever before to transform it into a sanctuary.’

When decorating in she suggests to, ‘focus about how you need the area to help you feel instead of current trends,’ adding that ‘the new Stone palette works really harmoniously for traditional neutral schemes, but may also be coupled with more powerful popular features of color if you are searching to produce something a bit more contemporary.’

Also, if you reside in a period of time property, it’s worth thinking about decorating using the period in your mind, states Little Greene director Ruth Mottershead, ‘all our color cards have a period key, so that you can see which era each shade arises from. This is often really helpful if you are searching to produce a plan that’s in-preserving age your home.’


Because the room where we spend probably the most time, you need to make time to get traditional kitchen ideas just how you would like them. For any design that will endure over the years it’s worth investing top quality bespoke cabinetry within the elegant proportions of the simple shaker design, in addition to remembering less is much more, as Helen Parker, creative director at deVOL, explains.

‘”Before leaving the home, try looking in the mirror and take a minumum of one factor off,”‘ I really like this quote from Coco Chanel and i believe it really works not just for the closet but for your house too,’ she states. ‘Stand back and restrain when making all of the aspects of your kitchen area out on another be enticed to purchase items to fill every space. People frequently try too challenging a glance they’ve seen on Pinterest and also to theme their kitchen with the things they love and wish to show, but restrain.’

Selecting a simple-to-accept neutral is really a timeless option – our traditional white-colored kitchen ideas inspires you – but when tastes should change, the wood doorways can be simply be used off, sanded lower and repainted to provide a brand new change towards the space without getting to spend on new cabinetry.


Decorating with heritage prints brings classic elegance to interiors, and fortunately there are plenty of decide from, including designs refreshed in modern colorways ideal for the twenty-first century and putting twist around the traditional.

Since their creation within the mid-to-late-1800s, the prints of Morris & Co have observed long lasting appeal. Rooted deeply within the natural world, the timeless prints, which capture the straightforward pleasures of brambles, blackbirds and garden blooms, have constantly been reinvented to create natural splendor to interiors.

‘Inspired through the durability, simplicity and richness from the legendary designs, architectural interior designer Ben Pentreath has collaborated with Morris & Co to carry on this story, getting a thrilling new dimension towards the fabrics and wallpapers together with his Queen Square collection.

‘I think it is remarkable that Morris & Co. patterns, coded in the mid to late 1800s, continue to be as fresh and relevant 150 years later because they were then. Morris would be a master of pattern and repeat I’ve found his patterns unequalled within their synchronised simplicity and richness, so we go back to them over and over within our work,’ states the designer of the timeless appeal.


When selecting paints for any traditional decorating schemes start looking at what you have, explains Edward Bulmer, color expert and founding father of Edward Bulmer Natural Paints.

‘Always make use of the architectural period features as the beginning point, like the floor or even the hearth,’ he states. ‘These can prompt the hue and weight of color – for example Ethereal Blue works brilliantly with mid oak floorboards, and Cerullian Blue with individuals of more dark oak.

‘The most important factor may be the tonality which is the backbone in our color range. When the tonality and weight suit the area and also the house, then your color is genuinely dependent on choice. I keep neutral tones in communal areas and reserve more powerful colors for that rooms we live in. I’m less thinking about impressing the customer than developing a harmonious backdrop to everyday existence.’