This rustic barn – with its blend of color and pattern – proves that good things come in small packages

‘I wanted to produce a really cozy flat with room to twist in security in a deliciously big bed, somewhere that will work nicely for an individual, a few on the romantic getaway or perhaps a small family, as in addition, there’s a settee bed within the living space,’ Sarah states.

‘I like putting unusual things together because that produces character and constitutes a house seem like a house.

‘Be bold, and not simply when it comes to using splashes of vibrant color and pattern, but additionally when deciding on only a couple of oversize pieces, for example lamps and headboards, which may be a lot more effective than plenty of small things.

‘Lay fabrics out on the ground or on the big table, combine all of them with trimmings and paint swatches, and find out what looks good together,’ advises Sarah. ‘Keep going before you feel good out on another worry if things don’t match – actually, that may stop an area searching too contrived.’

The beautiful form of the oversized headboard within the bed room results in a dramatic focus.