This period home has a gorgeous interior inspired by 1960s beach houses

When who owns this beautiful period house in Sc discusses Sullivan’s Island, his words stimulate an ageless enclave of southern charm where neighbours drink cocktails on their porches and also the kids cycle across the roads untroubled by traffic.

Sitting in the mouth from the Charleston harbour, Sullivan’s Island is really a lengthy stretch of land renowned for its beaches, restaurants and lazy summer time days.

‘It’s a really welcoming and sweet home – we’d offered our previous house here 3 years formerly and missed it a lot we understood we’d to return,’ states the dog owner, the Nashville-based founding father of a music merchandising company. He and the partner, who runs a music and movie production company, have three children so were searching for any vacation home where they might enjoy summer time holidays.

‘The house emerged right once we started searching therefore we were very lucky to have it,’ states the dog owner.

A renovation have been began through the previous owner however the new proprietors were built with a vision to have an extension and garden overhaul in addition to supplying a number of seating areas for entertaining.

‘We added a brand new primary suite along with a bunk room above that. Towards the rear we built a sizable screened-off porch in addition to landscaping your garden and adding a garage,’ explains the dog owner.

Assembling a ‘dream team’ of architect, contractor, interior designer and gardener, the pair gave a rigid deadline for that try to be carried out in six several weeks, prior to the summer time season.

Within the throes of the careers and childrearing commitments, the proprietors desired to hire an inside designer who’d be responsible for choices in the property when they continued to be in Nashville.

‘I’ve been very on the job with interiors however this time we thought about being surprised at the transformation,’ explains the dog owner.

Getting respected Cortney Bishop’s focus on Instagram, the pair were unequivocal that they was the lady to do the job. ‘We understood she resided around the island so we were excited to satisfy her. When we did, we hit them back and today we’re buddies.’

Noted for her breezy, relaxed aesthetic, Cortney set to operate inspired through the island’s old beach houses from the 1960s and 1970s.


The leading of the home exudes southern charm. A large wrap-around porch and cut-out wooden balustrades are normal from the gingerbread-style houses Sullivan’s Island is renowned for.


Using mushroom board and checkered flooring provides a obvious identity to any or all the transitional spaces. The mushroom board – reclaimed from old growing beds – was answer to tiny bohemian surf character.

‘It was the greatest find from the project,’ states Cortney. ‘I loved it as being a highlight material, using it the ceilings from the screened porches and most of the walls. It truly introduced the home together.’


The dark grey kitchen units inspired accents at home. A complete-height marble backsplash strikes a lavish tone.

In the kitchen area sitting area, an uplifting artwork motivated most of the wealthy jewel tones featured within the rooms off this transitional space.

Living Space

White-colored horizontal shiplap within the large kitchen/living area brings an expansive feeling. The curtain rail high over the window draws focus on the high ceiling.