This kitchen fuses classical cabinetry with industrial design – find out how to copy the look

1. CREATE A Focus

The proprietors of the Liverpool, England home were built with a vision that took it’s origin from a “modern industrial meets bespoke cabinetry” vibe,’ states Jenny.

‘They knocked through walls ?and added metal-presented doorways and brick-slip feature walls to offer the perfect backdrop for the Butler collection in deep-blue Lithodora.’

The feature wall supports the look together, and forms a awesome contrast towards the sleek cabinetry round the room.

2. Use The Area

‘This was certainly a customer-brought design, ?for the reason that the proprietors were built with a obvious concept ?from the look, however they needed guidance spatially, most famously since the kitchen is rather narrow just 3.9m wide,’ states Jenny.

‘I began by helping them prioritize. They wanted a breakfast bar and wine fridge around the island. There is only room for just one without compromising the room’s flow and also the wine won.’

3. Leave Behind CLUTTER

Unless of course you won’t ever leave just one dirty ?pan or plate waiting through the sink, then installing a sink within the island ought to be prevented,’ advises Jenny. ‘Kitchens ought to be simple to keep tidy, so putting the sink against a wall, in which a couple of dirty dishes is going to be less apparent, is definitely more suitable. Hobs are much more island-friendly generally tidiness terms, and it is also nice to ?possess a view when you stir-fry.’


To be able to separate the kitchen from the remainder of this open plan space, the feature wall is echoed with a brick accent wall linked with a strong black beam.

The dual brick areas try to enclose your kitchen since it’s own space without fully closing them back. The black steel beam senses the commercial vibe again, and it is mirrored through the black window frames.

5. INTEGRATE A Sitting Area

Kitchens by having an industrial tone such as this one frequently have to work a little harder to feel warm and interpersonal. As the colour of the cabinetry goes a lengthy way here, building in seating was answer to which makes it an area for sitting and chatting over a practical task-driven area.