This inspiring Cornish home combines New England style with a chic interior that mixes old and new

An incredible chance permitted Jess Alken-Theasby and her husband Ash, who runs bespoke house construction company Alkenby, to maneuver to their forever home through the ocean. ‘We were undecided about buying a classic property or creating something totally new,’ states Jess, ‘Then the bungalow that were my granny’s returned available on the market also it felt enjoy it was intended to be.’

With experience with building and renovating their very own homes before they met – Ash had already built his dream property, while Jess’s beautiful house was offered to boutique hotel group The Pig – the pair were in the right point to produce a unique home.

‘Knowing the plot already really contributed to the look process. In writing there is plenty of potential but comprehending the setting meant we’re able to arrange for day to day living and also the local climate,’ explains Jess.

‘For example, traditional sash home windows meant the views would have a back seat internally so the house felt cosier, mainly in the winter several weeks. Only then do we could open to the terrace and garden for that summer time. We have sheltered spaces outdoors to defend in the awesome ocean breeze.’

The home, in Cornwall, south-west England, is definitely an airy and breathtaking new build having a nod to Cape Cod house style, yet packed towards the rafters with original details and reclaimed finds.

‘We labored with local architect Harrison Sutton who understood that people were creating a home, not really a show home. It had been vital the house had soul along with a resided-in feel,’ states Jess.

‘When I had been on-site and travelling the incomplete, echoing building, I had been worried it would feel and look just like a village hall, so I needed to help remind myself that it is the finishing touches and details which make a home cohesive and regarded.’

Family Room

The inside styling was necessary for Jess. After meeting founding father of The Pig and today friend Judy Hutson, her style influence is apparent to determine. ‘Judy is amazing,’ states Jess. ‘How she mixes new and old and makes something feel resided-in yet sophisticated is incredible. Might my desire to make things “just so” means i reside in an account balance of real-world living, authentically sourced materials and thoroughly considered design features.’

And Jess has produced an area full of modern Cape Cod family room ideas, with a couple strong shades to create a comfortable feel. Color is introduced to some neutral sofa within the family room together with cushions.


White-colored kitchen ideas abound – developing a wonderful contrast using the moodier shades utilized in the family room. The bespoke space features a remarkable vaulted ceiling. The white-colored palette and cladding is really a nod to seaside style, as the brick backsplash and wooden floor and barstools give a cozy feel.

Jess reused that old red bricks from her granny’s original bungalow.

A vintage butler sink and multiple drawers and cupboards are practical and classy.

Sitting Area

An excellent snuggly sofa lies inside a corner from the kitchen. Colorful cushions allow it to be comfortable and comfy and detect shades utilized in certainly one of Jess’s favorite works of art.


Jess makes outdoors-plan house feel cozy and welcoming. Gone would be the wide empty thoroughfares, by using differing levels, paint shades, sliding doorways, textures and lighting, she and Ash have produced a really hospitable and simply adaptable plan.

The home also works very well in accommodating everyone, with various spaces that may open to each other. An area now utilized as a play area could be screened off or opened up out onto a lookout living space, as the dining room table placement functions like a bridge between kitchen and living settings.