This idyllic 1920s Wiltshire country house mixes old and new beautifully

Blossoming apple trees before one half-hidden house were what first intrigued Sarah Williamson-Johnson, who owns floristry and homewares business Pod & Personal injury protection, and her husband David.

‘We existed nearby and frequently drove past, however it was nearly impossible to find greater than a glimpse of the particular property,’ Sarah states.

Once they did pause and have a proper look, these were so taken using the country house they authored towards the proprietors explaining which should the home be offered, they’d have an interest.

However, the household were vetted through the old lady herself, who had been relocating to a residential home after living in the home for nearly six decades.

‘She thought about being sure we’d like it nearly as much as she and her family had,’ recalls Sarah. ‘She seemed to be an enthusiastic plantswoman, so when I informed her which i too had a love for flowers, we clicked.’

When the household moved inside a couple of months’ later, ambitious plans were already in position, together with a new wing, an expanded entrance hall, along with a gentle re-configuration from the original layout to really make it better and cohesive.

‘Everywhere needed an entire overhaul – from new home windows to wiring, plumbing and heating, not to mention, the décor. That basically meant living on the building site for many several weeks, but we made the decision to tough it!’

That demonstrated to become an understatement when, during the cold months of 2018, the Animal from East introduced blizzards and freezing temperatures.

‘We essentially setup camp within the existing kitchen and also the only heat originated from the trusty old Aga.’

Because the several weeks passed, the brand new bones of the home began to consider shape.


The primary thrust from the work would be a completely new wing in contrasting flint stone to have an expansive kitchen and living area, having a generous master bedroom above.

Running the whole entire new wing’s first floor, your kitchen features a separate walk-in larder and cooking space, dining and sitting area. Bespoke Shaker-style cabinets are colored blue.

A casual sitting area in the far finish from the kitchen contains a woodburning stove to help keep the entire room extra toasty throughout the winter several weeks.

Dining Area

Plus the imposing new wing, the expanded entrance hall was handed an additional dimension simply by removing an inside wall separating it in the oak-panelled dining area using its superbly worn oak floorboards so it may be fully respected in the hallway.

‘The panelling is really an excellent feature, we would have liked so that it is appreciated every single day,’ states Sarah.

Family Room

The pared-back plan emphasises the room’s elegant proportions.


This space – initially your kitchen within the primary house – is really a cosy retreat for the family. Favorite old chairs happen to be reupholstered to enhance the plan.


Masculine oak furnishings are tempered with vintage flower prints, a comfortable wing chair and pretty floral cushion.

Primary Bed room

On the upper floor from the new wing, this space includes a wonderfully indulgent feel, having a generous en suite and separate dressing room. Two feature walls happen to be papered inside a classic William Morris design,