This Furniture-Free Apartment Takes Minimalist Living To The Next Level!

Just when I decided to seen probably the most minimalist-inspired homes imaginable, I happened across Youheum Son’s YouTube funnel. Son’s decluttering journey culminates within an Austin, Texas, apartment with almost no furniture, art, or accessories. The self-announced HSP finds the pared-lower space helps her live more sustainably in each and every feeling of the term: She keeps a low ecological impact, is not at a loss for stress, and it has time to pursue non-material pleasures. Here’s Boy speaking about all of the abundance she’s had the ability to find by simply owning less:

What first attracted you to definitely minimalism?

Because of Japanese minimalist Fumio Sasaki and decluttering coach Marie Kondo, I recognized that simplicity could be a effective tool for attracting more focus and peace. The work they do and teachings offered because the greatest motivator that i can produce a calm and straightforward space.

Was your furniture-free home a gentle shift of eliminating things, or has it been this way right from the start?

In early stages of minimalism, I wasn’t conscious that I desired more spaciousness and fewer stimulation. But because I grew to become more mindful of my triggers like a highly sensitive person, it eventually brought me to progressively forget about physical distractions. So around three years into decluttering, I fully accepted a relaxed and clutter-free lifestyle through furniture-free living.

Can there be any furniture you miss? Your bed?

I am quite happy with things i have within this present moment, and so i don’t want to include other things. However I am flexible and available to the thought of getting furniture later on as needed! At this time, I simply love the gentle swing of my hammock bed. I additionally enjoy making use of my Korean culture by sleeping on the ground, eating on the ground, and wiping the ground by hands.

What can you tell somebody that feels at a loss for their possessions but is not ready for this type of drastic shift? How can they be began paring lower their space to simply the necessities?

I have faith that you need to be gentle using the unfolding of minimalism, so take a moment to create obvious intentions prior to going too deep. Think about your emotional wants and needs before diving into existence-altering commitments. Think about that which you aspire to achieve through the concept of releasing-for the short term and lengthy term. Tools like reflective journaling, vision boards, and concentrate wheels might help.

What exactly are another ways you practice minimalism outdoors your house?

I attempt growing encounters that bring me pleasure rather of fabric things. I really like creating positive recollections outdoors of my house by happening adventures, going with my loved ones, and reconnecting with nature. This enables me to understand the existence of abundance inside a non-material way.

How has living a hyper-minimalist existence affected your well-being?

It provides me more space and time for adding nourishment to pursuits like yoga, meditation, friendly gatherings, and natural movement. I really like how my current atmosphere supports my emotional health by permitting me to become focused, conscious, and calm during the day.

What noises could be heard in your house? What smells exist?

I like the concept of noble silence from my mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, the practice to be fully usual to silence. But there’s also occasions after i pay attention to calm music as i work at home or after i do cleaning. I burn lavender and sage bundles as i clean my house or after i practice morning yoga.

What is the best compliment you have ever received in your space?

I have learned that my space looks peaceful and calm due to the natural colors and bareness. I have also heard which i look happy and quite happy with where I select to reside.