This 1930s West Village apartment gets a stylish update by NYC furniture guru

‘Our goal was to produce a attractive and warm space where all the rooms might be used,’ stated Christine Retlev. ‘We also desired to design an area which was fantastic, but symbolized what you will anticipate finding in the western world Village, a bohemian neighborhood of recent You are able to.’

Retlev – a furniture dealer focusing on antiques and contemporary handcrafted pieces – spent two-and-a-half years transforming a set of adjacent 1930s apartments within the city right into a three-bed room home on her and her youthful family.

‘I have discovered it useful to start projects with no preconceived ideas,’ stated Retlev. ‘Every space is exclusive and features its own feeling, then when I enter an area the very first time I attempt to hear what my first feelings and impressions have the area after which start to weave a tale.’

It makes sense a design that pays attention towards the apartment’s Modernist origins and Art Deco inclinations, but incorporates contemporary finishes and tons of private touches varying from fittings created by Retlev herself, to some statement wallpaper that can take your breath away.

‘When one enters, you almost walk into the family room,’ described Retlev. ‘To distinguish the rooms, I covered the walls having a fabulous rust colored fabric by Muriel Brandolini. The wallpaper is really a subtle summary of this cognac color that runs through the home.’

This small entrance area is offered depth having a large round-cornered mirror, styled with vintage brass sconces along with a wooden console table by French sculptor Jacques Jarrige.

Family Room

‘The family room is calm. It’s a spot for the attention to relax before you decide to go into the dining area,’ stated Retlev.

This room is how Retlev really delves in to the apartment’s twentieth century past. A squared layout features a mixture of Scandinavian mid-century furniture and contemporary hand crafted pieces (in addition to a continuation from the aforementioned cognac color), together with a table by Rose Uniacke and sculptural plaster lamps from Blackman Cruz.

Retlev designed the room’s Art Deco-inspired Calacatta marble hearth herself, and paired it having a mirror by German-born, mid-century designer Otto Schulz, purchased in Hostler Burrows.

Dining Area

‘My favorite aspect of the project may be the dining area wallpaper from Fromental’ stated Retlev, who decided on a design inspired through the work of pioneering French tapestry artist Jean Lurçat and screens in the Japanese Edo period.

‘Not only did the paper inspire the worldly mixture of furnishings through the home, however it helps make the dining area – when a guest bed room – feel bigger and much more spacious.’

‘The wealthy rust and blue colors set the palette for that apartment. The colours within this design are lively and fascinating but nonetheless less it tires the attention.’


Retlev’s powder room is really a lesson in rethinking small spaces to increase both their functionality and impact. ‘On the way in which in the family room you go through a little corridor towards the dining area. Due to space limitations, we installed a sliding door – along with a huge slab of marble.’

The dramatic backdrop isn’t just a phone card towards the contemporary, but results in a helpful optical illusion. ‘The movement within the marble helps make the space appear much deeper of computer really is, stated Retlev.’