This 1820s Dutch farmhouse has been totally transformed – you’ll love the finished look

Margot and Harm Pustjens renovated all the rooms within their country home, taking time to obtain the right materials and get the right look before turning their ideas towards the garden.

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Anybody who understood Margot growing up wouldn’t be whatsoever surprised to uncover that they presently has her very own floristry design business and gift shop, which she sells vintage accessories, and resides in a home in the united states having a garden filled with flowers. Her passion for interior planning started when she was still being in school. She loved to brighten and it was constantly altering her bed room décor.

Certainly one of her favorite hobbies was making flower plans with flowers selected from her parents’ garden. Another was repurposing old furniture pieces to provide them a brand new lease of existence.

The house that they explains to husband Harm as well as their two grown-up children is filled with Margot’s special decorative touches: a bowl of fresh-searching spring bulbs here, a fairly display of vintage china there, along with a couple of surprises – for example taxidermy wild birds – included permanently measure.

The general look is calm, fresh, but additionally cozy and welcoming a great deal dissimilar to the way the house looked once the couple first moved in. Actually, although Harm fell under its spell from the beginning, loving the rural setting and large summerhouse, it required Margot some time in the future round towards the idea.

The pair had just finished renovating their previous home, and Margot had finally got her cottage garden grown up just how she wanted it, therefore it was always likely to be a wrench.

‘I honestly didn’t feel terribly excited initially about beginning on your own with another renovation,’ she states. ‘But Harm am passionate about all of the outdoors space and just what we’re able to use the home, he soon convinced me we ought to go on. And I’m so glad he did.’

Once they moved in everything was tatty and dark, the precise complete opposite of the sunshine, vibrant color scheme the pair favor. They chose traditional materials for his or her renovations, consistent with age the home for example, the ground tiles and woodwork are salvaged to provide a geniune period look. They permitted themselves sufficient time to help make the right choices and find the very best materials to do the job.