These bathroom storage tips from interior designer Irene Gunter will help you create a clutter free space

To make sure our very own bathrooms are tidy and peaceful spaces, we’ve taken bathroom storage tips from London-based interior planning guru Irene Gunter of interior architecture and style studio Gunter & Co.

She’s revealed how you can take full advantage of every inch to help keep the lines from the room free of clutter, while creating space for everything that should be within the room.

Conspicuous clutter is really a definite no-no in case your bathroom will be the sanctuary it ought to. Who are able to relax encircled by stuff – essential though it may be? Great bathroom storage ideas, therefore, really are a must.


Gunter & Co‘s blog is a superb spot to find design inspiration for your house. Inside a recent publish, Irene Gunter informed her supporters the strategies of bathroom storage. Here, we share the clever bathroom ideas that provides you with the news on keeping clutter away.

1. PLAN SMALL BATHROOM STORAGE Regardless Of The Size Of Room

Whether your bathrooms is big or small, you have to plan the storage as though it’s a little bathroom, reveals Irene. Creating storage in wasted space – for instance above toilets, beneath basins, or underneath baths – is really a clever solution for bathrooms, whatever their proportions.

‘Small bathroom storage ideas permit you to take full advantage of every inch, making certain you retain surfaces free of clutter and improving the calming influence of uninterrupted lines,’ states Irene.


If you are remodelling the whole bathroom, it’s the right chance to construct storage in to the fabric from the room by researching smart bathroom shelf ideas. Irene shares an area where a significant group of shelves behind a mirrored door continues to be included in a partition wall over the vanity unit.

By doing this, the storage could be positioned to begin low lower on your wall without restricting a person from the basin from bending forward freely to clean. Inside a room having a high ceiling, you are able to go ahead and take shelves up high the wall too to create maximum stash space.


Building furniture in to the bathroom means you will get bespoke methods to your unique storage needs, advises Irene. Made-to-measure fitted furniture may also ensure there’s simply no wasted space within the room.

For toiletries, she recommends discreet and hidden mirror cupboards. Go ahead and take chance to suit a de-mister pad for that mirror for optimum utility.

Shaving socket sets may also be situated in bathroom cabinets, she states, and could be coupled with Bluetooth technology or integrated with wi-fi to create you music when you are showering or perhaps in the tub.

4. Remember THE LAUNDRY

If you are choosing fitted bathroom furniture, don’t miss the opportunity to build in laundry bins to help keep the area tidy. They’re an individual favorite for Irene.

Consider laundry bins with internal dividers and you may sort loads along the way, saving effort and time.

5. ADD Free standing FURNITURE

Inside a bathroom of massive proportions, free standing pieces could be transformational. ‘It really produces the sense of a full time income space which happens to possess some aspects of your bathroom inside it, which feels incredibly luxurious,’ states Irene.