The timeless kitchen design essentials – to ensure yours never, ever dates

Selecting an ageless kitchen may be the singular most significant aim that anybody people must have if we are remodelling but can want or need to maneuver house whenever within the next eight to ten years.

Obviously you want to love design for our kitchens, and to allow them to look beautiful while being practical, but it’s the main one room in the home that may really increase the value of a house – and do or die a purchase – therefore it is vital it is not likely to date.

The important thing to designing an ageless kitchen to ensure that even when you aren’t thinking about moving, you will not want to update it every couple of years? Go classic and you’ll get durability. You could incorperate your own stamp and personality with simple to replace accessories, wallpapers, draperies, upholstery and paint colors.


Although classic white-colored is a well-liked color for cabinets – and, to tell the truth, you cannot go far wrong with this when it comes to style durability – it’s worth using carefully-selected, neutral color, for example cream, pale gray, an earthy light eco-friendly, pale blue or beige if you wish to produce a more individual look with no damage to the kitchen’s lengthy-term credentials.

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene shares her ideas on selecting colors for kitchens:

‘One from the liveliest spaces most abundant in activity and, a kitchen area is often the heart of the house. Although frequently you will notice vibrant colors for example vibrant yellows and vegetables used here to mirror the amount of energy within the space, soft neutrals and earthier tones could work equally well and can produce a comforting and timeless plan that feels homely and calming.’


Kitchen trends appear and disappear, however, many timeless kitchen elements never date. Traditional Shaker-style and much more contemporary flat-fronted cabinetry are generally dependable, while colored and wooden cabinets will always be classic choicees.

Even though we’ve began to determine a escape from the all-colored kitchen to 1 which includes wood finishes as well as plywood – which we like – the fundamental elements remain steady.

Mindy O’Connor, Principal of Philadelphia-based architecture and interiors studio, Melinda Kelson O’Connor Design, foretells us about contrasting materials and taking advantage of natural wood:

‘The utilization of a dark natural wood, such as this walnut, being an accent against an easy cabinet color results in a modern feel, however with warmth and depth. Walnut may have a wealthy and delightful effect and wood cabinetry is most timeless being an accent instead of dominating the area if utilized on all the cabinetry.’

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A layout that’s intricately planned to become as close to perfection as you possibly can will provide your kitchen durability. Should you not have an adverse considered the positioning of certain elements, you’re less inclined to want to replace it all. An expert kitchen designer – as well as your own valuable experience can sort out this.

However, the primary component for any effective layout, whatever how big the area, may be the kitchen triangular, featuring its the sink, oven and fridge. They’ve created the anchor that all of those other kitchen flows from, whether your kitchen area is L-formed, galley, U-formed – or built around a tropical.

4. The Perfect BALANCE OF FITTED AND Free standing FURNITURE

Among the primary decisions when selecting timeless kitchen elements of design is whether or not you go searching for a free standing or fitted kitchen. Both of them have benefits and drawbacks and may squeeze into ‘timeless style’ – but, in reality, the right timeless kitchen (within our opinion) must have aspects of each style.

Free standing (or ‘freestanding-look’ – fitted but looks free standing) is much more laid-in finish, well suited for period qualities – and you may take aspects of it – a dresser or kitchen island, for instance – along with you whenever you move.

Fitted kitchens make sure you increase your space towards the last inch, particularly if you’re going lower the bespoke road and, whether free standing-look or otherwise, are often better at developing a streamlined look in a tiny kitchen. And, a totally fitted kitchen might have free standing elements, for example open shelves.


We feel that open shelving has become certainly one of individuals timeless kitchen elements of design it isn’t for everybody, but it’s a glance it is not going anywhere.

‘Having products displayed can breathe existence and personality into any kitchen,’ states Tom Howley, Design Director at bespoke kitchen company, Tom Howley. ‘Whether you’re displaying your very best glasses, porcelain, containers and pans or plants on open kitchen shelving, it is possible to obtain the look perfect.

‘Many people may be put off by open shelving like a storage option fearing that it could leave your kitchen searching cluttered or untidy but, succeeded, it really helps you to open your kitchen and make up a feeling of space.

‘Having products that you employ everyday displayed is a superb way to save time – you decide to go right to what you need. Additionally, it deters the clutter that may build should you keep the products closed away behind cupboard doorways – it’s sometimes too simple to stack documents within the same space as the breakfast bowls. You will not do this when the world can easily see what you’re as much as therefore it does promote an amount of organization too.

‘Organised cabinets make meal planning and food shopping simpler because all things have a location and you may see instantly what you ought to consume, or maintain stocks of.’