The ‘Polar Express’ ranch, home of Chris Van Allsburg, lists for $17.5 million

The previous home from the Polar Express author, Chris Van Allsburg, is presently available on the market for $17.5 million. Although residing in the Wyoming home within the 1980s, Van Allsburg authored the most popular Christmas story alongside other children’s books, including Jumanji and also the Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

The aptly named ‘Polar Express’ home sits next to the verdant Puzzleface Ranch, Wyoming’s first conservation easement, protected because of its views from the surrounding Teton Mountain tops. Qualities with your high ceilings aren’t allowed in Teton County, meaning this house is all of the this category – and among the world’s best homes.

Both exteriors and interiors are made to highlight these views through its 12-meter-high home windows and surrounding terrace that showcase natural surroundings. Here, we tour Chris Van Allsburg’s former mountain retreat.

The whole house is a trove of decorating ideas, but none of them more conspicuously than its open-plan family room that mixes an All downhill aesthetic with American traditionalism. Here, the neutral soft furnishings produce a contrast using the warm wooden architecture and solid stone fireplaces – for that ultimate Holiday party space.

The adjoining space is a number of dining area ideas, from the ornate rug that zones the eating space towards the statement fitting, which pays homage towards the organic surroundings.

The cabin includes two fully fitted kitchens, seven bathrooms, and 6 bedrooms – which keep up with the cabin’s All downhill-style through their wood panels and bold rugs that sit as the focus from the room. The actual space can also be decorated with flowers and artworks that energize the wooden space further.

Past the interiors, the country ambiance continues beyond its four walls in to the verdant grounds. Here, the Polar Express ranch exhibits luxury garden decorating ideas through its various patios which include an outside sitting area having a jacuzzi having a large fire bowl. There’s also natural features, together with a stream along with a pond that reflects Teton’s snowy peaks.