The plants you should never keep in the bathroom

A damp and moist atmosphere implies that bathrooms could possibly be the ideal spot for a plant as conditions resemble individuals of the rainforest, however, many are earning the error of selecting plants that can’t survive within this setting.

With increased time put in our homes, houseplants have become more and more well-liked by a 79% rise in interest when compared to same time this past year, based on Google trends.

‘When selecting plants for the bathroom, search for the kind that they like to tolerate shade or low/medium light, greater humidity and warm weather,’ advises Kiera Kay, Plant Expert at Blossom and Wild.

‘Stay from succulents, fruiting plants, Jade and Hibiscus as plants such as these don’t thrive within the typically warmer and fewer sunlit bathroom atmosphere.’

Based on the experts at HeyPlants: ‘Fluctuations in humidity and temperature means the restroom could be a no-go zone for several plants. The issue to inquire about on your own is, ‘what region is that this plant initially from?’. When not indigenous to an exotic region it might not survive well in damp conditions.’

Also known as the white-colored bird of paradise, this tall tree-like plant can develop to 6 ft inside which makes it a perfect plant to spice up empty spaces, best put into large living areas for example entrance halls and sitting rooms. It’s expansive leaves that occupy necessary space inside a bathroom so it’s not useful here.


The Jade plant is definitely an very popular house warming gift in Asia because it brings positive financial energy in to the home.

This plant thrives and brings good energy when located in front of the house but avoid placing within the bathroom because this is too closed off for this to outlive.


Hibiscus need a ton regarding to complete well. Throughout the winter, it must be put into the sunniest placed you have, which rarely is in the restroom as it’ll always need vibrant light to blossom well throughout the year.

The only real time that it may come near your bathrooms happens when washing it. Pop the hibiscus inside a sink or bathtub and rinse it with tepid to warm water.


Ponytail palms prefer full sun or vibrant indirect light. They are able to tolerate lower light, growing slower but shouldn’t be stored inside a bathroom because they are indigenous to the desert meaning it normally won’t need much humidity.

Also avoid placing them near a wide open window or breezy part of the house as it might dry up their foliage.


Gardenias are difficult to keep but look fabulous. They grow most from morning sun after which an mid-day within the shade so unless of course you’ve got a sun-lit window, they’re best excluded from your bathroom.