Top features of Traditional Furniture

-traditional is hands crafted while contemporary is often machine-made

-this doesn’t make one a lot better than another, machines tend to be precise but poor machines might be bad too

-traditional is elegant, luxurious, ornate, elaborate carving

-traditional features: claw foot, arched backs, folded arms, matching carvings and magnificence, large foot, wood trim in upholstery, dark wood, decorative knobs featuring

-traditional furniture doesn’t need to be huge and ugly

-it might be softer to become together with today’s common appearance

-traditional is anythign that resembles furniture in the 1800s or earlier

-traditional can be displayed cluttery as it is visually heavy, set up pieces continue being softer

Contemporary Furniture Features

-contemporary is sleek, understated, industrial, subtle

-contemporary features: clean, soft, legs and arms are straight and simple, low lower but no sofa skirts, tufting with fabric or leather covered buttons

-contemporary uses lighter wood, also various materials like plastic, rubber, fabric, metal, bolder patterns