The colors that will maximize daylight – and make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter

Maximizing daylight is among the simplest yet effective steps you can take to change your kitchen area. While your home will feel positive and better, it will likewise feel more welcoming and, possibly most significantly, it’ll feel bigger too. The greater light, the bigger your kitchen will feel, so you need to accentuate the kitchen’s organic assets and drench the area in just as much sunlight as you possibly can.

Here, the figures towards the top of your kitchen and color industries share the colors we have to highlight daylight making the area feel bigger and sunnier, before the mid-summer time several weeks ahead.


Before all of us achieve for that paintbrush, we swept up with a lot of our most-reliable color experts, who also shared their ideas about neutral kitchens, and whether we ought to quit the eco-friendly craze at this time.

‘The kitchen is frequently the center from the home. To take full advantage of a concise kitchen, you might want to use paint colors that provide the illusion of space and lightweight. Pale walls and floors give this illusion, but use accent colors so your finished look is not bland or clinical,’ recommends Little Greene’s Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead.

Similarly, the United kingdom Director at Benjamin Moore, Helen Shaw, also shows that neutrals are ‘essential’ in kitchens because they ‘can be in combination with a large range of saturation and tones.’

‘Perfect to be utilized as the only wall color to produce a versatile base for any decorating plan, layer better accessories and textured furniture to include depth,’ Helen adds.

Colour and Paint Expert Annie Sloan equally notes that the neutral plan is ‘guaranteed to appear chic also it can help produce the illusion of the kitchen being lighter, better and bigger.’

Kitchen painting strategies for a larger, better, and chicer space? We simply wish we’d celebrated the flexibility of neutral-colored kitchens sooner.