The 5 common kitchen items that you don’t need – and may be a waste of money

Kitchen tools and appliances could be very exciting to possess, with new options opening at each moment.

They can also be unnecessary though, by having an overabundance of tools taking on pointless levels of precious kitchen cupboard and worktop space.

Some appliances are not necessary and merely duplicate the part of old appliances in your own home.

1. A Lot Of CUPS

With regards to kitchen clutter, coffee and tea cups are prime suspects. Frequently accrued through the years, an overzealous mug collection could affect on the quantity of kitchen space for storage available for you.

Assign just one cupOrglass to every individual inside your household, and obvious the rest.


If you’re limited in storage space, then streamline the selection of glasses to support the beverages that you simply benefit from the most.

While it’s nice to possess dedicated Champagne flutes, red and white-colored wine glasses, goblets along with other glasses, sometimes space just won’t take – so don’t pressure it.


While a paster machine, breadmaker or waffle iron might appear impressive, unless of course you’re a budding sous chef or regularly entertain in your own home, then chances are you is only going to begin using these appliances once prior to being resigned to the rear of the cabinet, never to appear again. You’ve been cautioned.


Tupperware makes food storage very simple since 1946 – when its airtight ‘burping seal’ distinguish it from rivals. It’s stored in the industry forefront with microwave-friendly, eco conscious and time-saving solutions.

However, food kept in opaque versions are often forgotten. Guess what happens they are saying ‘Out of sight, from mind.’ We advise obvious versions, always.


Simple to neat and frequently lightweight to hold, you can easily realise why nonstick cookware is really a firm favorite in the kitchen area. Regrettably, it’s been reported the Teflon coating that keeps food from sticking can emit toxic fumes when heated above 500 F. Even though the dangerous effects are low, it is advisable to continue but be careful when selecting the next fry pan.