The 3 gray paint tones you need in your home, according to Bobby Berk

Interiors guru Bobby Berk is famous for his expert design tips. Lately the Queer Eye star addressed the problem which grey paint to select: the ever-popular colour of as soon as whose recognition shows no manifestation of wavering.

A plentiful selection of grey paint suggestions to consider makes it challenging know which is worth the money. In the blog, Bobby reveals the 3 you should know – and the secrets for decorating with grey.

The Very Best Grey PAINT – Selected BY BOBBY BERK

‘When you are looking at selecting paint for your house, grey is a color which has certainly proven popular. And for a simple reason: it’s an unbiased that actually works with a lot of styles and is available in many versatile shades,’ Bobby explains.

Despite as being a neutral color, grey comes in a wide array of shades. Regardless if you are searching for light or dark grey, fundamental essentials ones worth getting to your plan.


Consider grey paint, and you’ll probably picture a hue much like those of Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl.

The colour tone is a standard feature of grey kitchen ideas since it’s subtle tones pair effortlessly with stainless appliances inside a contemporary space. However, despite working well against harsher steel materials, Bobby praises the ‘soft and soothing shade’ for being able to ‘instantly warm-up an area.’

He labels Grey Owl like a ‘new neutral’ which will pair alongside every other shade – meaning this can be the versatile solution your house needs.


‘This dramatic grey balances feeling warm and awesome, which makes it a perfect choice (regardless of what quantity of light your living space receives),’ Bobby states.

Sherwin Johnson has similarly introduced Iron Ore in to the kitchen (above), they also recommend pairing its dark tones alongside Extra White-colored or Nebulous White-colored for any monochromatic contrast – or Cityscape for any fashionable grey plan.


The only real paint color trend that may rival gray’s reign at the moment is blue – what occurs when you combine them together? You receive blue/grey, the colour tone in the peak of paint trends, along with a favorite of Bobby Berk. The designer recommends Sherwin Williams’s North Star, one created by the Ohio-based paint powerhouse that will help you live well and concentrate.

‘Light and vibrant, this shade creates a contented choice and pairs well with light wood tones, black, and ivory,’ Bobby states in the discussion from the shade.

Whether you’re searching for brand new hallway, bed room, or grey family room ideas – these 3 shades brings your house into fashion – the Bobby Berk way.