Take a masterclass in mixing styles from this eclectic bathroom by CP Hart

Just like every other room in your home, your bathroom has got the right – and skill – to showcase your personality. Consider a strategy from standard white-colored metro tiles and matching units for any more unique and private result.

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Within this bathroom, the dog owner desired to combine their passion for a couple of different interior styles. The ultimate result, produced by interior designer Justine Hodgson-Parker using pieces from Clubpenguin Hart, is among artful eclecticism.

Listed here are five design training we have learned from Justine’s jaw-shedding plan…


‘This may be the family bathroom inside a esteemed Tunbridge Wells, England property by famous architect Decimus Burton,’ states Justine.

Explaining the necessity to operate in different interiors styles, Justine continues: ‘the owner is actually into art and likes to combine classic and industrial styles, along with some retro pop and vintage tossed in. Each room started with ?her selecting the skill, which in turn directed the colour palette.’


Exercising planning your bathroom could be tricky at the very best of occasions, and also the same applies when redesigning a current space.

‘I stored towards the original plumbing positions – fortunately, the WC is discreetly sited. There needs to be reasonable to maneuver hidden pipework, especially ?in older homes,’ notes Justine.

‘The primary change, layout-wise, was the shower area, that we made larger to attain a feeling of luxury.’

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3. Have A Great Time WITH PATTERN

Bathroom design can certainly be a little serious, particularly when attempting to balance different styles and references. To create some design fun into the space, keep in mind that pattern will be your closest friend.

Bathroom ceramic tile ideas could be especially impactful. Here, both terrazzo flooring and also the bath stripes add dynamism and levity into this highly designed room.

Restricting the colour palette helps to ensure that everything remains chic and flows together easily.


‘The basin vanity is among the best pieces from C.P. Hart’s own collection – particularly the elegant cabriole legs,’ states Justine.

‘We selected high-gloss plum doorways to match using the nearby art and make contrast from the matt tiles. The chandelier also offers a awesome salvaged vibe and it is IP44-rated, ideal for bathroom use.’

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5. Have Fun With TEXTURE In Addition To COLOR

lounging with surface textures is ideal for adding depth to some space, and balancing the general appearance. For instance, the shower screen here results in a subtle texture change.

‘The Crittall-style frame looks fabulous with fluted glass and more interesting than the usual standard screen,’ states Justine.

Similarly, presenting textiles can unwind the greater masculine feel of harder metal or ceramic surfaces. ‘A pretty lace voile by Gem Lowe – tinged in pink round the edges – softens the big window.’