9 Sustainable Office Desks (That Aren’t From IKEA)

No Complicated Tools Needed!

We’re likely to ensure that it stays real along with you: We didn’t be prepared to use the house offices such as this. However we have, we’re thinking about upgrading our desks to maximise our productivity and luxury, so we think you may be too!

If you are also around the search for any new desk that’s perhaps a step-up from IKEA, take a look at these sustainable options with local manufacturing, responsibly sourced materials, and occasional or neutral carbon emissions. Finish it off having a comfy and eco-conscious office chair, and you will be all set.

Not to mention, if these aren’t your look, maybe renting or going secondhand is!

1. Work At Home Desks

  • Produced In Torrance, CA
  • Sustainable Features FSC Certified birch, Environmental protection agency certified for low emissions, made in the united states
  • Our Pick WFH Desk
  • Beginning at $315

Work At Home Desks may be the ergonomic, easy, and efficient setup you ought to get to work, wherever house is (with no tools!). Crafted just outdoors of La with FSC Certified wood, each adjustable desk is slim and straightforward yet extremely sturdy, supporting to 100 pounds of apparatus. There are also bigger or kid-sized desks and accessories just like a laptop lifter or shelf to best meet your needs.


2. Floyd

  • Produced In Detroit, MI
  • Sustainable Features FSC Certified wood, low VOCs, eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Our Pick The Floyd Table/Desk
  • Beginning At $595

Floyd’s type of furniture and residential merchandise is developed in Michigan and manufactured at partners over the USA, including in the company’s headquarters in Detroit. The impressive Floyd Table/Desk is really a modern and modular piece, created using eco-friendly materials like several natural linoleum, recyclable steel, and FSC Certified walnut wood. On top of that, it requires mere minutes to put together and may rapidly pivot to becoming an office desk or dining room table, whichever you want! Having a decade-lengthy warranty (!), 30-day returns, and payment installment plans, you cannot fail here.


3. Simbly

  • Produced In Asheville, NC
  • Sustainable Features FSC Certified wood, carbon neutral orders, made in the united states
  • Our Pick Simbly Desk/Table
  • Beginning At $899

Simbly includes a saying we like: “The world doesn’t need to be people versus. planet, when it may be people and planet.” Plus they try to end up being the first climate-positive company on the planet! Presently, orders are thought carbon-neutral, and proceeds receive to ecological initiatives all year round. Plus, all materials are sustainably sourced and created in New York to reduce emissions. We especially such as the Simbly Desk/Table-another multifunctional desk that may work anywhere, using its gorgeous curves along with a minimalist finish.


4. West Elm

  • Produced In Vietnam OR India
  • Sustainable Features FSC certified wood, GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Our Pick Mid-Century Wall Desk
  • Beginning At $399

West Elm’s type of Fair Trade Certified desks perfectly blend style and sustainability. They’re created using responsibly sourced materials including FSC Certified wood with workers in safe, fair working conditions in Vietnam and India. Carried out with a water-based stain, these mid-century style desks are stunning natural and neutral choices for any office at home. We especially love those that include additional storage!


5. Fully

  • Produced In Nottingham, MD Portland, OR Xinchang, China
  • Sustainable Features Sustainably sourced bamboo, certified B Corp
  • Our Pick Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
  • Beginning At $559

Make it all (and bloodstream!) flow simpler with Fully’s bamboo standing desk. It’s created using bamboo grown for at least 5 years and sourced from sustainable forests (without pesticides), and it is then coated inside a water-based stain to allow its natural splendor shine. And also the design is great: It stands up to 350 pounds, adjusts levels rapidly, and also the tabletop size could be customized. Like a certified B Corp, Fully mixes movement and mission with among the best standing desks for (as well as on) the earth.



  • Produced In North Park, CA
  • Sustainable Features Made-to-order, made in the united states
  • Our Pick Modern Wood Standing Desk
  • Beginning At $137

Rodolfo Lozano launched RLDH in Los Angeles having seen his design dreams arrived at existence on his renovated home, his son’s crib, along with a effective Kickstarter. Today, RLDH’s scaffolds and standing desks are created-to-order using high-quality walnut and birch, with every tailored for your specific height and computer. Certainly consider one of these simple modern desks or scaffolds if you are less than prepared to buy an entirely new piece but wish to change to standing work.


7. Woodmancote Retro

  • Produced In Gloucestershire, United kingdom
  • Sustainable Features Upcycled and salvaged materials, in your area made, made-to-order
  • Our Pick A-Frame Trestle Desk
  • Beginning At £495

If you are within the United kingdom and aspire to bring some color for your space, we like Woodmancote Retro’s A-Frame Trestle Desk. Inspired with a mid-century aesthetic, each eclectic desk is customized with the selection of wood, color, as well as tabletop size therefore it can fit wherever you’ll need. The wood is in your area salvaged and Woodmancote Retro is devoted to dealing with local artisans inside a circular economy whenever you can. Once it arrives, your brand-new desk is going to be ready within minutes with only a normal groove no major tools, nails, or screws to bother with.


8. Koskela

  • Produced In Melbourne, Australia
  • Sustainable Features Responsibly sourced materials, certified B Corp, GECA Certified, gives back
  • Our Pick Jacinda Folding Desk
  • Beginning At $490 AUS

Koskela grew to become the very first furniture brand around australia to become named an authorized B Corp, and it is values stand out. Whenever you can, Koskela works together with Indigenous companies, gives to the Rainforest Save, and experiences hoops to generate the Good Ecological Choice Australia (GECA) Certification. We’re big on the Jacinda Folding Desk (named after Nz PM Jacinda Arden), a concise, clean, and collapsible table that actually works anytime, anywhere. Plus, assuming you will no longer work at home, you can preserve it securely stored for many years!


9. Nikari

  • Produced In Fiskars, Finland
  • Sustainable Features Made-to-order, sustainably sourced wood
  • Our Pick Skandi Desk
  • Beginning At Inquire for prices

For exemplary Nordic craftsmanship, responsible sourcing, and timeless design, take a look at Nikari. Nikari has been available since the late 1960s from southwest Finland. Their dedication to sustainability and quality is unparalleled, producing just a number of occasions annually to reduce waste. You are able to question a made-to-order desk with the business directly, or take a look at worldwide shops such as the Danish Design Store for pre-made options. The Skandi Desk particularly is an ideal option for anybody residing in small or convertible spaces.