Styled in the Stars: Interior Design Horoscopes for 2022

Hello, hello to all of my cuties! How’s your 2022 going so far? Have you made any resolutions or set any goals or intentions for home projects this year? If you need a little bit of a jumping off point to get your interior design inspiration juices flowing I have a very fun post in store for you this week…and spoiler alert: It involves horoscopes!

These gorgeous gorgeous goats also love to be cozy in the chicest way, so a luxe fireside set-up like the one below from our Far Hill farmhouse project last year is the perfect style for any Capricorn.

The dawning of the age of Aquarius is all about subtle shades of blue, light grey, and silver. Aquariuses are known to be fun-loving and social, as well as intellectual, original, and progressive.

True Water Sign Pisces, the sign of the Fish, naturally loves being near the water and finds peace in music, art, and peaceful spirituality. Their wise and gentle personalities are drawn to soothing shades of sea green and blue, accented with pops of subtle purple and mauve.

Our modern regency Westchester living room design shown below is the perfect example of Pisces style. Notice that there are pops of light pink and purple mixed with the ocean hues, and the small decor pieces help to relax this more formal space.

Aries is a classic Fire sign, meaning that they have confident and passionate personalities and are naturally attracted to shades of red. Additionally, these Rams are honest, are natural leaders, and have no trouble sticking to their closely-held opinions.

The sign of the Bull, Tauruses love to boldly embrace their passions and interests–especially creative hobbies like music, hand-crafts, cooking, and gardening. As a grounded Earth sign, shades of verdant green are going to complement the classic Taurus personality.

We recommend a coastal beach look, complete with natural materials like cane and mango wood. Our Sea Girt beach house design, below, is full of Taurus-friendly green hues that reflect the beauty of the surrounding environment, as well as ultra-luxe accessories to satisfy the Bull’s bougie side.Always in touch with dual aspects of their inner selves, Geminis are naturally curious and they love to explore the world around them through travel, music, and books.