Stove backsplash ideas – 5 materials, looks and design tricks

Stove backsplash ideas with style turn a practical feature right into a chic one. Whether attention-grabbing due to its material, color, pattern, or texture, or perhaps a more understated design, a backsplash could be a beautiful area of the kitchen.

Obviously, it’s a industrious feature, too, protecting walls from splatters, splashes, and grease while you prepare, so it’s imperative that the backsplash is simple to wash to create maintaining your room pristine always easy.

Thinking about the stove backsplash ought to always be a part of your kitchen area ideas to be able to pick a harmonious palette of materials and colors for that room, and we’ve collected tips to keep you going here.


A backsplash could be a striking feature even just in subtle neutral color tones with gentle shine.

‘These kitchen wall tile ideas are wonderfully unpredicted,’ explains Kristin Kong of K Kong Design. ‘They seem like capiz shells but they are back-colored glass. Although it would not fit the bill to make use of real shells behind a variety, these tiles supply the same look with all the functionality and sturdiness necessary for an active kitchen.’

2. Show Up The Amount ON COLOR

The limited section of a stove backsplash causes it to be the place to select for any bolder form of kitchen color ideas you’ve used elsewhere within the room. Here, it’s an attractive lime that pulls the attention against a backdrop of cupboards colored inside a nature-inspired undertake eco-friendly.

Pick a tile with variations of tone such as this one and also the backsplash is going to be a much more arresting feature. This tile includes yellower tones plus the lime hues.


Consider taking your cue in the detail of the appliance in your stove backsplash ideas. The metal trim of the legendary design is complemented with a metallic-effect backsplash that repeats its tones.

These tiles aren’t really metal backsplash ideas – actually, they’re porcelain tiles, that is a highly durable option. They’re stain and moisture resistant, and simple to wash.


Even just in an area by having an extensive tile backsplash, consider selecting another the perception of the region behind the stove to differentiate this zone from the kitchen. Within this kitchen the wall white-colored kitchen backsplash idea is contrasted using the smaller sized scale backsplash over the stove, featuring a variety of neutral tones that complement the statement hood.

The modification in the lines of horizontal type from the white-colored tile wall towards the verticals from the stove backsplash allow it to be distinct, too.


When deciding on stove backsplash ideas, it’s worth thinking about the length of time will have to be allocated to maintaining the look of your kitchen.

‘We prefer to use solid surface materials like a backsplash behind a stove because grout lines inside a tile backsplash can often be difficult to maintain,’ say Mark Johnson and Niki Papadopoulos of Mark Johnson Design.

‘In this kitchen, we used exactly the same gemstone for that stove backsplash that people employed for the countertops. Since the stove backsplash is really large and prominent in the way we see our kitchens, utilizing a beautiful material can also add immediate luxury and class.’