Staging a hallway – top tips from real estate professionals

Staging a hallway or entryway isn’t to become undervalued when contriving a home for purchase. This space helps make up the first impressions whenever a buyer enters a house, and first impressions frequently could make or break a purchase. We all know that buyers form opinions about qualities rapidly, so you need to lure them in early stages.

Regardless if you are staging a home the very first time or even the fifth, making the best decisions concerning the hallway or entryway is vital to success. We have requested professional realtors and residential stagers to recognize the important thing areas to pay attention to when staging a hallway.


‘The hallway could be a very important area of the storytelling journey’, states Susan Bourassa, the dog owner and founding father of Coast to Coast Interiors. Fundamental essentials hallway ideas which make the gap when selling.


While departing your walls blank might have been advised by realtors previously, our property experts agreed that incorporating gallery wall ideas right into a hallway causes it to be more desirable to buyers.

Susan highlights that ‘Adding a bit of artwork on the lengthy hallway, energizes the senses in buyers, letting them know that there’s more to determine!’ She recommends hanging something in the finish from the hallway – ‘whether you select colorful artwork or perhaps a neutral architectural piece to some hallway, the end result will prove to add warmth to possibly probably the most forgotten section of a house’.

Karen Michela Parziale, who owns The Staging Studio and residential stager with 17 experience, also recommends filling the walls with artwork. Her personal preference would be to ‘place three consecutively.’ And ‘if the hallway is narrow, it really is essential that the skill pieces are thin so it doesn’t result in the hallway much more narrow.’


Carefully selected furniture can also add a elegant turn to a hallway, but you will need to consider what’s most suitable for that specific space you have.

Karen likes ‘to convey a small table having a mirror on the top to help make the space appear bigger.’

Omar Barragan, a house sales strategist at Hudson Living NY, recommends getting creative with entry table decor ideas – ‘I’ve seen trunks, benches, canisters, and stacked books utilized as “consoles.”’

Omar’s preferred positioning of this kind of piece of furniture is against ‘a blank wall where you’ve didn’t have anything a treadmill between bedrooms or areas. What matters would be that the table serve an ornamental and practical purpose.’


Karen’s top tip would be to replace ‘an outdated fitting with a brand new one that’s more contemporary and dramatic.’

This will not be an afterthought because ‘lighting has become really big in staging’, which especially pertains to hallways, which may be dark and uninviting.

Don’t be put off by bold hallway lighting ideas – just a little outrageous is preferable to an uninspiring old pendant.


Because the founding father of Indiana-based realty company House Buying Mamas, Jennifer Ward, highlights, ‘mirrors can also be an excellent accessory for a hallway because they reflect light making the area feel better.’

However, be fastidious with the selection of mirror and make certain it truly improves the space.

Decorating with mirrors is about allowing the right optics inside a room. Karen’s tip would be to choose a horizontal mirror – ‘especially when the hallway is actually narrow’.

Omar adds that ‘if you are utilizing a mirror rather or additionally to artwork, make use of a mirror(s) with black, iron, brushed nickel, or brass frames. To be cautious, the skill frame or mirror’s shape shouldn’t overwhelm the width from the console table.’


Finally, you will be surprised at precisely how big an effect a superbly selected flower bouquet could make on buyers. Omar advises beginning with ‘a neutral-colored flower bouquet or eco-friendly plant arrangement, but you may also ‘consider florals that complement the colour of the surroundings.’

Karen also recommends placing ‘fresh florals or artificial flowers inside a vase with small decorative products up for grabs.’

The concept would be to include refined detail as opposed to just departing the hallway searching unlived-in. A carefully curated, well-decorated look is the one which will sell your house.