Mixing Modern Furniture with Vintage Looks

It’s super easy to obtain overwhelmed with regards to mixing various appearances in your house. When succeeded, mixing modern furniture with vintage looks look very stylish and enables you to definitely introduce interest to your home that could mostly feature modern furniture.

If you are thinking about adding some vintage style pieces to your house and mixing them along with your modern furniture we encourage you to definitely consider a lot of our simple strategies for mixing modern furniture having a vintage look, or anytime you’re mixing two variations together.

Proportions of Scale When Mixing Modern Furniture with Vintage Styles

Manage the proportion of these two variations, be conscious of the finish goal and just how you would like your modern furniture to suit together with your new vintage style pieces. Would you like to lean towards being more contemporary or even more vintage? If you are leaning toward more contemporary furniture you can look at adding some vintage style accessories and accents. If you are leaning towards more vintage, adding some modern accessories.


To help keep a cohesive look during your home you’ll need a good balance of vintage and modern furniture. For example, in case your work place is mainly vintage with touches of contemporary furniture and accessories, then inside your family room you might want to consider doing the alternative. This implies instead of touches of contemporary, your family room would mostly be modern furniture with touches of vintage style. Many designers suggest 80% of the room maintain one style and yet another 20% maintain another style.

Take the Modern Furniture Along with Vintage Through Color

The simplest way to marry your modern furniture along with your vintage pieces would be to bring everything together through color. For example, for those who have a classic accessories ad modern furniture, you are able to bring the design together by pulling one out of your accessories and purchasing furniture for the reason that colors – or perhaps a similar tone. A good example of this may be a pulling one from the painting or vintage vase, when the pieces have hints of eco-friendly pull individuals colors in your modern furniture.

At sohoConcept we personalize your furniture according to your requirements. Choose your fabric, color, and materials to satisfy your specific style. So, for those who have a painting with hints of eco-friendly along with a beautiful wooden frame – choose some modern dining area chairs in eco-friendly leatherette with wooden legs to match the painting as well as your frame. Mixing vintage styles and modern furniture doesn’t need to be intimidating.