Small white kitchen ideas – 5 design tips for light and bright kitchens

Small white-colored kitchen ideas would be the perfect solution for individuals who’ve big ambitions for his or her little space.

Selecting white-colored like a base color inside your kitchen ideas is a terrific way to create a diminutive room feel bigger, lighter and much more open. White-colored helps you to bounce sun light around an area, and banish shadowy corners, that are particularly unhelpful in surroundings which are mainly functional, but may also be used for entertaining.

Styling a white-colored kitchen to really make it feel intriguing and homely, however, could be a challenge. The reply is to consider your materials and layout to take full advantage of its design qualities.

1. USE White-colored Around The PERIMETER To Help Make The SPACE FEEL BIGGER

‘Small details like the utilization of materials is essential when making a little kitchen,’ states Tom Howley, Design Director in the eponymous kitchen brand. ‘Lighter wood finishes and paint colours work nicely to grow the perceived space of the kitchen.’

White-colored is, obviously, an excellent color to make use of to create a small space feel bigger – but when you’re mixing up along with other colors, positioning it properly is equally as important. Within the black and white-colored kitchen ideas produced by Alexis Hughes here, white-colored can be used for that perimeter cupboards to help make the area feel more open, while a charcoal gray is utilized for that island in the center for character and contrast.


There’s a variety of smartest ways to create your kitchen area feel spacious,’ adds Howley. ‘To keep a wide open feel choose light paint colors and reflective materials for example vibrant quarta movement or perhaps a mirrored splashback.’

The sunshine-bouncing abilities of the backsplash are specifically effective when it’s colored white-colored. In your home of Waterworks Co-Founder Barbara Sallick, the white-colored kitchen backsplash ideas take the type of high-gloss, white-colored subway tiles that are used all around the walls, creating the right good balance to the more dark cabinetry around the lower level.


‘White may be used in design schemes regardless of what how big the area,’ states Richard Atkins, Design Director at DesignSpace London. ‘It reflects light and enables small areas that lack sun light to look more spacious.’

‘However, the caliber of artificial lighting should be thought about during these areas to boost the heat. Warm or neutral white-colored choices are suggested. Awesome white-colored brought lighting may have a blue appearance when shone on the white-colored surface.’ One of the modern white-colored kitchen ideas utilized in this situation are a number of pendant lights within the island, which emit a hot glow.


With smaller sized kitchens, it’s important to be smart with space – it may seem which means you cannot have an island, but it may be just the opposite.

‘Utilise every inch of space in the full height, awkward nooks and using islands for those who have room,’ states Howley. ‘Even though a tropical will require up space on the floor, it’ll benefit your kitchen area by making certain more storage, prep space along with a spot to gather and socialize.’

Within this kitchen by Harvey Johnson, the gray and white-colored kitchen ideas focus on a white-colored island, which fits as storage, seating and worktop space, using the white-colored color which makes it feel inconspicuous.

5. Make It Warm WITH WOOD

Should you not wish to go too wild using the kitchen color ideas, associated your white-colored elements, using wood to warm-up the area is an excellent option, as shown within this room by designer Cathie Hong.

‘Wood kitchen cabinet ideas contrast perfectly using the color white-colored, but if you’d like to include wood inside a subtler sense, then utilizing it like a color accent is actually effective,’ states Matthew Payne, Kitchen Designer at Harvey Johnson. ‘Consider getting wooden accessories displayed, for example chopping boards and knife blocks.’