Small wet room ideas – 5 compact wet room bathroom designs for your home

Small wet room ideas open the chance for contemporary design, with no need to squeeze inside a shower enclosure or elevated shower tray for your master bathroom or ensuite.

Small wet rooms give a spacious showering area and also the high-finish appearance of a lavish hotel health spa. They’re also level entry, so readily available to any or all, as well as hygienic and simple to wash.

However, small wet room ideas really are a big project to defend myself against with regards to bathroom ideas. You might want to weigh this facing the durability from the space, like a wet room’s seamless design causes it to be an excellent choice for ease of access and future-proofing your house for many years.


A wet room or walk-in shower will prove to add a really luxurious-up, health spa-like showering experience for your wet room ideas. Succeeded, a wet room is amazingly desirable and may improve your home’s value, too. Here is how to offer the the best results when preparing a small wet room.


Hygienic, seamless and very beautiful, polished plaster is a well-liked choice at this time. In small wet rooms and walk-in shower ideas, polished plaster’s waterproof prowess and removal of moisture-seeping joints may be the big story. Venetian plaster requires waxing to close out water, but many micro-cements and Tadelakt plasters are inherently waterproof, as well as stain-resistant, Ultra violet-stable and simple to wash.

The polished plaster look can be quite sleek and contemporary, or even more rustic to have an earthy effect. Adding pigments enables customisable color, and many kinds of polished plaster are appropriate to be used on floors, walls, ceilings as well as furniture.

2. Have A LESS Is Much More APPROACH

‘When selecting materials and colors for small bathroom ideas and wet rooms, less is much more. Here, we deliberately reduced the palette and produced an efficient design to actually bring the main focus towards the materials,’ explains Katie Lion, interior designer, Kitesgrove.

‘Natural marble is really a silently luxurious choice that instils a feeling of sophistication and calm in almost any wet room. Its veining could be a simple but impactful method of getting interest and layers to what’s frequently a smaller sized space. We decided on a brass finish for the trims and fixtures to choose the nice and cozy tones from the marble striations, helping it feel cohesive, elegant and timeless.’


A wet room – regardless of how small or big – can frequently make you feel cold and uncovered, whether or not the space is well heated. Here, clever color blocking techniques demonstrate the best way to split up a clear space, place the shower area the main attraction and give a much-needed dose of visual warmth.

Red tones promote coziness – the colour here’s Silestone’s earthy, Mediterranean shade Arcilla Red – as well as fully trust textural materials for example wood accessories and woven storage.

‘Silestone surfaces are available in an excellent selection of colors and enormous format slabs so you will see minimal grouting to wash,’ adds Ross Stewart, gm, Cosentino Newmarket.


Tucking your shower into an alcove contains splashing but, if space enables, a curved showering area is much more impressive. And you may still pop a robe hook nearby without chance of saturated towels.

‘Curves give a cocooning atmosphere that may help you unwind physically and psychologically when you shower,’ states Mandarin Stone’s creative director, Louisa Morgan.

‘They offer welcome relief to any or all hard edges and coatings typically present in bathrooms.’ The popularity for stacking skinny tiles vertically makes creating soft curves simpler give a generous border inside a more dark shade at floor level to actually accentuate the form.

5. WORK THE WALLS In A Tiny Bath

It’s understandable the floor of the wet room must be fully tanked what concerning the walls? Shower tile ideas – on every inch of the wall – can be incredibly sterile, as well as pricey. Within this small wet room by Richstone Qualities the walls are just tiled where essential, namely within the primary shower area and over the basin, and also the space feels a lot more inviting with this restrained approach.

Do install tiled or stone upstands instead of timber skirting boards to safeguard lower walls from water damage and mold. Remaining surfaces could be colored inside a moisture resistant paint, like satin or eggshell, out on another forget decent extraction.