Small room ideas – 5 best decor schemes for compact spaces

Small room ideas might be limited on size but they may be big on style. We’ve curated our 10 favorite small room ideas and methods from the trade to assist turn that awkward, small room into something elegant and complicated, whatever its shape and proportions.

Though small rooms can instruct many interior planning challenges, there are many advantages to compact living. A properly-designed plan can seem to be just like comfortable like a bigger space, with the coziness and luxury connected with family living.

Among the primary benefits of a concise space may be the convenient ease of access of all things that’s needed. Easy maintenance is yet another bonus to getting a little room.


‘Furnishings play an important role in the way a space is received,’ states James Thurstan, founder, Thurstan. ‘When dealing with less spacious family room layouts, we advise a considered curation of essential pieces – distributing a sizable rug being an anchor for that plan after which building from there, choosing tones in the rug and embellishing these through the room. A main table can produce a focus inside a smaller sized room, best presented by inward-facing armchairs that really help create depth and volume.’


For small bed room ideas I like using wall lights instead of lamps for bedside lighting,’ states Irene Gunter, founder and inventive director, Gunter & Co. ‘Small room ideas inevitably demand smaller sized bedside tables so when the entire surface is adopted with a table lamp it simply appears to defeat the item.’

‘There’s such an abundance of amazing wall light possibilities, whether wired or connect – they let us give a statement towards the space in addition to increase the surface readily available for the ins and outs we love to to keep near the bed.’


‘Small entryway ideas should create a statement concerning the house and proprietors in addition to being an inviting space,’ explains Mike Fisher, creative director and founder, Studio Indigo.

‘Small spaces may be treatable inside a grand way – “be bold” is my advice. Large details can open the area, for example using double doorways but which makes them as tall as you possibly can. A set of facing mirrors helps produce the illusion more space and adds a little bit of glamor. Painting the area an easy color won’t allow it to be feel bigger. Use strong color to create a statement and provide personality.’

‘Lastly, we’re great fans of polished plaster in entryways – it’s practical, tough and it has an excellent reflective quality which makes the area shimmer.’


‘It might appear counter-intuitive inside a kitchen where space is confined, but unless of course the ceilings are extremely high I love to eliminate wall cabinets altogether in support of shelving,’ states interior designer, Lonika Chande.

‘It looks far better and reveals the area. I’m always looking for vintage shop fittings and characterful reclaimed planks that may be repurposed as shelves. Then i decant things i can into Kilner jars for display, alongside stacks of crockery, linen and also the odd jug. I really like simply to become left into it with my Kilner jars along with a Dymo labelling machine – unbelievably satisfying work and thus visually pleasing too’

5. COMBINE CHARM AND Functionality Within The BATHROOM

We frequently find using mosaics inside an alcove helps you to optimize small bathroom ideas and shower rooms – along with a gloss finish contributes to this illusion of grander proportions, reflecting sun light through the room,’ states James Thurstan. ‘I recommend pairing two distinct mosaic designs inside the space, thus creating an item of interest where these verticals meet after which setting them against a awesome neutral paint color that actually works to spread out in the bathroom.’

Mike Fisher of Studio Indigo concurs: ‘Of course bathrooms are practical and functional spaces however they don’t have to be utilitarian. Be adventurous and provide the area personality. A bold plan will give you a discussion piece with visitors and buddies, specifically in a powder room. Pattern could be introduced through wallpaper, fabric or tiles. Complement your patterns with higher light – inside a powder room it may be atmospheric however in bathrooms you’ll need light and lots of it.’