Small living room lighting ideas – 5 well-lit ways to enhance a compact space

Small family room lighting ideas are not just about picking light fittings with the proper proportions.

Lighting could make or break a plan, so that as stylists and designers will frequently explain, there isn’t any space where it matters greater than in multi-tasking living spaces.

The important thing when you are searching for family room ideas which are well-lit would be to introduce multiple layers that integrate both ambient, decorative and task lighting seamlessly.


The most crucial job of small family room lighting ideas would be to make certain the entire room will get the sunshine it requires, if this needs it. In compact rooms with less-than-ideal amounts of sun light, it’s much simpler for corners to get shadow traps, making the area feel even smaller sized during the night.

Banish this issue by situating light sources during these corners, as shown within this the perception of a family room TV nook by Yellow London, which tucks lamps and standing lamps where they’re needed most.

2. CHOOSE LAMPS THAT Be Used As Pieces Of Art

Obviously, smaller sized rooms mean less space to slot in the greater frivolous facets of interior planning – which often means artwork will get bumped lower the priority list behind more helpful objects. To bring along just as much unique character as possible right into a small family room, search for light fittings that be used as pieces of art.

In your home of furniture expert Christine Retlev, the family room sofa is between a set of highly sculptural plaster lamps from Blackman Cruz. For those who have surfaces to spare, consider sculptural family room wall lighting ideas that provide just as much character towards the space like a painting, however with added glow.


‘Put all lights on dimmer switches and also have a number of circuits in every room – usually one for downlight, one for lamps and something for that central light,’ advises lighting specialist, Lucy Vaughan.

For small family room ideas having a lower ceiling such as this one, an announcement chandelier may be too imposing, but it’s still vital that you acquire some light in to the center from the room. Use downlights, controlled individually, to light up the table.


When thinking on how to plan family room lighting, consider how its usage can really help affect the layout from the room. In a tiny room which has multiple jobs to complete – a family room can at the same time be considered a playroom, a house office, a TV room and much more – it may be harder to include a feeling of division to dedicated areas.

Specific task or mood lighting might help zone a place: within this room by designer Lisa Staton, a reclined armchair is supported with a floor studying lamp, indicating this area of the room is ideal for perching in with a decent book.


Among the greatest family room lighting trends at this time is adding a modern day spin to classic chandelier design. Typically the most popular method of doing this really is to choose a sputnik chandelier – a mid-century modern-style lighting arrangement that always sees bulbs connected to the ends of spokes that shoot in myriad directions.

Besides this being an engaged choice, it is effective in smaller sized rooms with less sun light, casting its glow across every part from the room, as well as into shadowier corners.